25 Best Airbnb Wedding Venues

Whether you're looking for an apartment in the center of the city or a quaint cottage that offers serious serenity, you already know Airbnb is the perfect place to look when you want to live like a local instead of spending your trip in a touristy hotel. But the vacation rental site offers so much more than studios for two and homes for families: It's the perfect place to start searching for phenomenal venues if you're planning a destination wedding, too! From a waterfront lodge in the Pacific Northwest to a breathtaking castle in Scotland, you can keep the party going all weekend (or all week!) by finding lodging and your wedding venue all in one package.

Choosing an Airbnb Wedding Venue

Opting for an Airbnb can offer so much more than just a unique venue to tie the knot. “Airbnbs feel more intimate, and there are so many unique options, making it easy to do something you haven’t seen before,” says Erika Hernandez, owner of The Greatest Adventure Weddings.

If you've decided you want to book an Airbnb as your wedding venue, it's important to plan ahead of time, treating the Airbnb as any other venue option. "This would be the first thing I'd recommended booking when people begin planning," says Hernandez. "Once this is secured, you have the date and location to begin sharing with other vendors and your guests."

Meet the Expert

Erika Hernandez is the owner of The Greatest Adventure Weddings, a full-service wedding planning company based in Seattle, Washington with a focus on elopements and adventure weddings.

An Airbnb offers the ability to have your ceremony venue, reception venue, and accommodations all wrapped up into one location, and according to Hernandez, they usually cost less than a traditional venue. As with any venue, the cost depends on the location and timing, and Airbnb venue rates can range significantly, anywhere between $500 to $3000 per night. On top of the nightly rate, be sure to factor in the cleaning and service fees and any additional event charges the host may require. According to Hernandez, she's seen guests chip in for the cost of the Airbnb if it allows for lodging, but typically, the couple will cover the cost of the venue where the wedding is taking place.

And as for deposits? Hernandez says this can all depend on the Airbnb you're booking. "Most require you to pay upfront, but some of the more expensive Airbnbs allow you to pay a deposit and then pay the rest closer to the reserved date," she says. Overall, the trick to finding something affordable for your budget is to be sure you’re communicating your plans with the Airbnb host so they can explain any additional fees regarding the booking or requirements for a special events permit.

When selecting the perfect Airbnb wedding venue, Hernandez suggests keeping the following questions in mind:

  • Does the host allow events on-site? If the listing doesn’t explicitly say, ask for permission.
  • If you have guests traveling in, how far is the nearest airport? 
  • How far are you from services or major cities in case you need rentals, a caterer, or other vendors?
  • Are there other accommodations nearby for guests if they aren't staying with you?

Planning a Wedding at an Airbnb

Once you’ve chosen the perfect location, there are a few set-up considerations to keep in mind. If your venue has a big deck or flat lawn, it may be the perfect spot for dinner, but you'll want to double-check with the host to be sure you can utilize that space. And don’t forget about the decorations as you’re planning your big day. Hernandez suggests taking inventory of what’s available in-house before you bring in any rentals, such as covering existing tables in linens.

You should also be sure to consider that you may not be able to hang or attach anything to walls or ceilings. Overall, ask the host your questions, but be sure to respect their role in your planning. “They aren’t a venue or your wedding planner,” says Hernandez. “Respect the host’s time when it comes to questions, and if you move anything while on-site, be sure to put it back.” 

Ready to get your venue planning started? Ahead, scroll through 25 of the best Airbnb wedding venues out there.

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