"Bachelorette" Tayshia Says Goodbye to Ben Smith—Here's Her Final 3

For obvious reasons, this season of The Bachelorette has actually been the most dramatic ever. With the week four proposal, leading lady switch, and new guys halfway through the season, it is certainly unlike any other season. 

The new Bachelorette Tayshia Adams still has quite the pool of guys to choose from. And honestly, the majority of them seem like great catches. Handsome, smart, sweet, in touch with their emotions, and gainfully employed. Yes, there’s been some drama between a few of the guys in the house (we’re looking at you Noah and Bennett), but it's all in good fun, or for the sake of good TV. Either way, we're watching!

While it's still hard to tell who makes it to the final rose, Tayshia has been playing favorites with a few of the men. On Tuesday's (Dec. 15) episode, once again the men opened up in efforts to secure a spot in Tayshia's heart, and in the finale episode where Tayshia will finally choose "the one." We know there can only be one man left standing, but we were still so sad to see one of our fave contenders, Ben Smith, go. The 29-year-old Army veteran has actually been America's favorite since things started steaming up with him and Tayshia making his exit a heartbreaking one. After revealing some of the darkest parts of his life to Tayshia showing both vulnerability and strength, he was shaping up to be a real frontrunner. Ultimately, though, Ben didn't open up enough and the show must go on!

In no particular order, we’ve rounded up Tayshia’s top three. We're just as smitten with the guys as Tayshia—maybe more! Read on to learn more about them and decide for yourself who you’d give your final rose to next week.

Zac Clark

The 36-year-old addiction specialist from New Jersey opened up to Tayshia about his past during an intimate one-on-one. The daytime portion included the two taking fake wedding photos—dress, tux, and all—which made them both nervous. In the evening, he revealed that he had been married once before in his 20s. Following emergency surgery to remove a brain tumor, Clark found himself addicted to painkillers and drugs, which ultimately led to the demise of his marriage. Now, he has since turned his life around and is on the board of the rehab facility he visited in his younger years. His story was so touching and moving and certainly inspired Tayshia and viewers alike. Tayshia repeatedly stated that Clark had all the qualities he was looking for, so we're interested to see just how far he'll go.

Ivan Hall

The 28-year-old aeronautical engineer seems very smart (based on his choice of career) and very into Tayshia. During a group date, Hall won some one-on-one time with Tayshia, where the two had an adorable game night that turned emotional when the two shared their thoughts and feelings on the Black Lives Matter movement. Hall touched Tayshia, and all of America, when he revealed his family's experiences with the criminal justice system. The two really bonded during over their struggles with race growing up. We think that his sweet demeanor and kindness will take him far in the race for Tayshia's heart.

Brendan Morais

To be perfectly honest, we probably wouldn’t have even known who Brendan when Clare was running the show. It seemed that she hadn’t spoken more than two words to this 30-year-old commercial roofer. But when Tayshia took him on a one-on-one date, sparks flew as the two bonded over how they both moved on from their past marriages. His sweet, shy, and humble persona makes him that much more charming. We see him making it all the way.

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