Best Online Etiquette Classes of 2022

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If you’re considering taking an etiquette class, there are plenty of inventive options available online. Perhaps you have forgotten which fork to use first, or maybe you’re looking for a little insight into the manners behind online dating. Whatever the circumstance, each of these etiquette courses offers something a little bit different, whether they’re tailored to modern millennials or aimed at improving etiquette in innovative ways (e.g., podcasts, instead of classes). 

With these courses, you'll learn how to charm guests, impress colleagues, and of course, use the correct silverware. Here, we rounded up the best online etiquette classes, so you can choose the ideal option.

Best Online Etiquette Classes of 2022

Final Verdict

These etiquette classes prove there’s truly something for everyone, whether you’re looking for advice on how to talk to a boss, date, or guests you're hosting. The teachers, who are all experts in different fields, also provide a variety of ways to learn, from Zoom sessions to podcasts, so you can select whatever works best for you and your schedule.

For millennials who want a bit of mentorship with their manners, try Common Courtesy. If you’re looking to improve your business acumen, opt for Mister Manners private classes or schedule a session with your colleagues. If you have a child who can’t seem to put their phone down and refuses to set the table, Satsuma Design is the program for you. If you only have limited time but want to gain communication skills, tune in to the "Were You Raised By Wolves?" podcast. And if you’re truly obsessed with Kate Middleton, make sure to take a look at Beaumont Etiquette’s webinars.

What Will You Learn in Online Etiquette Classes? 

All teachers focus on different specialties. Some cater to teens, while others are for business people. Topics can include table manners, dating, business, and even get super specific, like sales pitches and teen technology. 

How Much Do Online Etiquette Classes Cost? 

Prices for online etiquette classes vary. Some are free, like YouTube videos, blog posts, and podcasts. Others, like one-on-one sessions, can cost up to about $750 with an expert like Mister Manners. Groups also offer discounted rates, so it’s easier for families to enroll their children in etiquette lessons together or for companies to offer the courses to their employees. 

How Can You Attend Online Etiquette Classes? 

Classes are offered in a variety of formats, including podcasts, webinars, and Zoom sessions. Some experts offer advice on Instagram and in blog posts as well. You can also follow along with the etiquette teachers on social media if you’re looking to improve your manners day by day and learn something new. 

How We Chose the Best Etiquette Classes

We looked for a wide variety of classes that would offer something for everyone, whether you’re a teenager trying to set the table, an adult navigating the business world, or a millennial dating online. Many of the etiquette class founders contacted us directly to tell us a little bit about their business and how they’ve pivoted to teaching online classes.

We looked at the reviews, compared pricing, and sought out illustrious etiquette teachers who ideally have strong social media followings, published books, and classes that are easily available, to make sure their lessons are accessible to everyone. We also strived to present a mix of courses, including webinars, Zoom sessions, YouTube videos, and podcasts. 

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