Best Online Exercise Classes of 2022

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A word to the wise: You don’t actually have to break a sweat turning your living room into your own personal fitness studio. With online exercise classes offering up heart-pumping, stress-relieving sessions led by expert instructions, you can get to your gym in time with just the push of a button or a simple swipe.

The wide variety of online exercise classes out there offers the opportunity to switch up your sweat sessions: You can try something new without fear of judgment—or the extra cost of membership at a new pricey studio. Since many digital streaming platforms provide an entire library of fitness classes for one subscription price (or are just plain free!), online exercise sessions are as beneficial for your wallet as they are for your health.

Ready to crush your wellness goals and all that built-up wedding-planning stress? With live streams, on-demand videos, and both beginner and more advanced options all included, here are the best online exercise classes for toning from home.

Best Online Exercise Classes of 2022

Bottom Line

Online exercise classes are just as varied as in-studio experiences, and they feature an assortment of styles and intensities that’ll suit anyone’s fitness level or personal preferences. To get a taste of everything, we recommend starting with a single platform that hosts a diverse range of workouts, like Obé Fitness or Daily Burn. Give pilates a go one day, then try dance cardio the next. Who knows? You may just find your new favorite way to sweat.

What Are Online Exercise Classes?

Online exercise classes offer you the in-studio experience at home, with instructors coaching you virtually through series of movements, repetitions, and stretches. Courses are offered as pre-recorded videos or through live streams, and in several styles that include cardio, yoga, dance, pilates, and more. Some require additional equipment, while others you can crush with nothing more than some determination. Workouts also range in length and experience level, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one fit for your schedule and abilities. 

What Should I Look for in an Online Exercise Class?

We believe that fitness should be fun, so we encourage you to look for an online exercise class that excites you. For instance, if you’re known for camping out on the dance floor at parties, check out the cardio dance classes offered by Obé Fitness. If you’re looking for a bit of peace and time for yourself, Alo Moves’s library of yoga classes may be for you.

And as classes can be suitable for all or varying experience levels, select a session suitable for your individual needs and fitness level. Of course, you should feel challenged, but listen to your body and what it’s telling you. There’s no shame in choosing a shorter or lower-intensity program and working your way up to a tougher, 60-minute session.

How Much Do Online Exercise Classes Cost? 

Online exercise classes vary in cost. You can find free workout videos on YouTube, as well as on other no-cost platforms, while other on-demand options come with a monthly or yearly subscription fee. In this list of our fave fitness courses, prices range from free to about $20 to $40 per month. 

How We Chose the Best Online Exercise Classes

Wellness shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive so when searching for the best online exercise classes, we chose options at a variety of price points—including those that are completely free, like the Blogilates workout videos available on Youtube. 

Next, we also wanted to find online exercise classes in a wide range of styles to satisfy everyone’s personal workout preferences. Options like Daily Burn, for example, offer over 1,000 classes in a variety of categories including cardio kickboxing and running.

Finally, in addition to relying on our own virtual workout experience and personal sweat sessions, we also considered the online reviews of fitness fanatics, so we can confidently call these virtual workouts the best of the best.

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