66 Best Songs for a Summer Wedding

Music plays a crucial role in every wedding. It helps set the mood and provide a transition from one portion of the evening to the next. Music choice is important for weddings in all seasons, but you can go the extra mile to give your summer wedding that breezy, warm-weather vibe you’ve been envisioning while taking guests back to beach days and sultry nights. Whether you’ve got a killer DJ or a live band that does the very best covers, putting together a crowd-pleasing playlist can turn your wedding from just an event into an immersive and unforgettable experience.

When choosing songs for your summer wedding, keep in mind the typical tunes you'd play at the beach or pool or while out enjoying the sunshine. Think music that's upbeat and seasonally themed. There are tons of songs about summer out there, as well as light, feel-good beats that are reminiscent of those carefree, sunny days.

Let your venue inspire your music choices. For a seaside wedding, reggae music and songs about the beach are a great choice. For a ceremony in a park or garden, consider upbeat indie songs.

Below, we've rounded up 66 perfect songs to play at your summertime or beach wedding.

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