The 10 Best Bath Towels of 2022

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If you’re anything like us, bath towels are probably one of those things that you’ve somehow amassed over the years but don’t quite remember where they all came from. If that’s the case, they’re likely mismatched and may be showing some signs of the long life they’ve shared with you—think that mysterious stain that just won’t come out, no matter how many times you bleach it.

Let us be the first to tell you that it’s time to retire those towels (throw ‘em in the rag pile), and to invest in some fresh, good quality newbies. Upgrading your towels is a lot like upgrading your sheets—it may not seem like a big deal at the moment, but just wait until you step out of the shower and wrap yourself in plush wonderfulness for the first time. Whether you're registering for your wedding, moving in together, or just cleaning out the closet, take stock of your towel inventory, and don't be afraid to purge.

Ahead, the best bath towels out there.

Final Verdict

If you're looking for simple, soft, and durable bath towels you can't go wrong with Parachute Classic Towels (view at Parachute). They have great absorbency, a quick dry time, and as a plus, Parachute offers an extra-large size that's great for those who like a larger towel. If you're into extra-fluffy towels, then look no further than the Frontgate Resort Cotton Bath Towels (view at Frontgate). With their zero-twist construction, it feels like you're wrapping a cloud around your skin.

What to Look for in Bath Towels

Fabric Material

Many towels are made out of cotton or a cotton-polyester blend since it absorbs fast and is very soft. However, certain fabrics work better in different climates. Cotton can often accumulate mildewy scents if you live in a humid climate, so it may be beneficial to try a linen towel instead. What material you choose will largely depend on your budget, climate, and personal preference.


Towels are measured in grams per square meter (GSM). The higher the number, the plushier the towel will be. Standard towels are generally between 400 to 600 GSM so if you want a thick, plushy, soft towel look for towels rated higher than this. However, it is important to note the higher the GSM, the longer it will take your towel to dry.


Always check the size of the towel. If you like a roomier towel after a long, warm bath or shower, see if the brand you're looking into has extra-large bath towels.


While no towel will last forever, a good bath towel will last you for many years. Look at the construction of the towel. Combed towels are the most durable, as their production process combs out any short threads, leaving the longest and strongest ones behind. Ringspun towels are another great option, as the long and short threads are looped together tightly and smoothly. Also, consider the edge of the towel. Towels with a banded edge are great to reduce the chances of fraying.

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