The 21 Best Useful Gifts in 2022

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No one wants the present they’ve carefully chosen to be relayed to the back of the closet or (gasp!) returned or exchanged. But gift-giving can sometimes be a tough task for a wedding guest—sometimes even harder than deciphering that dress code!

One way though to ensure that your wedding, shower, or anniversary present will be thoroughly appreciated is to choose a useful gift for the couple of honor that is practical, yet still feels celebratory. We know, we know: It’s easier said than done. But there are tons of practical presents out there that are plenty fun and super special—and we found ‘em for you!

Below, you’ll find gift-worthy products that are so useful the lucky recipients will wonder how they possibly survived without them. And if you and your fiance are registering, you'll want to make sure these are on the list.

Read on for the best useful gifts.

What should I look for in a useful gift for couples?

When considering a useful gift, steer clear of anything that’s purely decorative and would just add clutter to one’s home. Instead, be on the lookout for multitasking products and things that are both practical and stylish. Think a sleek air purifying fan, or a throw blanket that’ll look great displayed in their living room, but that will also keep them warm as the weather cools.

Is it OK to go off-registry for a gift?

It depends! Technically, there's no set rule that you have to buy off the couple’s registry—but it’s always encouraged when possible to ensure that you get them something that they truly want or need. If you’re especially close to the couple though and are confident in your knowledge of their likes and dislikes, then it’s a safer bet to purchase something that isn’t included on the wedding registry.

Of course, if everything on the registry has already been claimed by other wedding guests, then that’s another scenario where it is absolutely acceptable to pick something else out for the couple.  

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