Denzel Washington Just Photobombed a Bride and Groom! Plus, 25 Other Times Celebs Crashed a Wedding

One happy bride and groom's special day was just made even more exciting when Academy Award winner Denzel Washington photobombed their wedding pictures. The star was filming Journal for Jordan in Central Park where he spotted the couple in their wedding-day attire. The Fences star surprised the couple my jumping in a few of their shots.

And Washington is in some good company. From Dwyane Wade photo bombing a proposal on the beach to Robert Pattinson jumping in for a selfie, celebrities love surprising lovebirds on their special day.

Speaking of crashing weddings, the OG wedding crashers, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are also in talks about a Wedding Crashers sequel!

In a recent interview, Vaughn told Entertainment Tonight that the former Crashers have been talking about a sequel to the 2005 film-turned-classic. "Owen and I and the director of Crashers have been talking for the first time seriously [about] a sequel to that movie," Vaughn said. "So there has been an idea that is pretty good. So we are talking about that in the early stages."

It's been 15 years since the duo played the infamous divorce lawyers who crashed weddings for fun—and hopefully, we won't have to wait much longer for the reprise of their roles. Believe it or not, a great deal of celebrities have actually followed in the steps of the fictional characters and crashed weddings (engagements too) making real-life couples’ big days that much more special. A lot of them even stayed for pictures and impromptu performances and speeches!

In honor of the exciting sequel news, we've rounded up 26 times that celebrities pulled a page out of this wedding classic's book.

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