Danielle Deavens, Contributing Writer for Brides

Charlotte, NC

  • Elon University
  • Culture, food and drink, travel
  • Danielle is a freelance writer with experience in culture, travel, food and drink. 
  • Danielle is co-founder of Bold Xchange. 
  • She was a 2018 Venture For America Fellow. 
  • She was previously an Associate Editor at Brides.

Danielle is a freelance writer who has contributed content on travel, food and drink, and pop culture. Danielle is co-founder of Bold Xchange.

She previously held the positions of Associate Editor and Assistant Editor at Brides.com, as well as Editorial Assistant for Food Network Magazine.

Danielle attended Elon University and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Print and Online Journalism, and minored in Professional Writing Studies. She was a part of the 2018 Fellowship at Venture for America, which prepares recent graduates to succeed in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

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