36 COVID-19 Weddings From Around the World

Brooke & Quinn

"Quinn and I are very strong believers that everything happens for a reason. When we made the decision to postpone our day, we were crushed but decided it was the best option to keep our guests safe," says Brooke Pottle, at left, of her wedding to Quinn Barker, right. "Even though, at the time, it seemed as though COVID ruined our day when the day actually came, we had everything we could have ever wanted."

On May 21, 2020, after six-and-half years together, they said "I do" in Alberta, Canada, as their closet friends and family looked on. "We thought we would be celebrating our love and sharing our passion for each other with many more people than we did, however, the day was still so absolutely beautiful, filled with love, and more perfect than we could have ever imagined," Brooke adds.

Their advice to other couples? "Whether you decided to postpone your day, or decided to celebrate with a small group, or even just the two of you, your day will still be memorable and perfect."

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