20 Doughnut Wall Ideas for Your Wedding

More and more couples are ditching the classic white wedding cake, opting for other nontraditional yet still delectable desserts like homemade pies, cupcakes, cake pops, and even giant Rice Krispies treats stacked like a cake. The latest wedding dessert trend? The doughnut wall. That’s right—because nothing is sweeter than an entire wall decked out with doughnuts.

Meet the Expert

John and Kate Emmets are the husband and wife team behind Off The Wall Donuts in New Jersey. The pair have been building and delivering custom doughnut walls since 2018.

The doughy treats are affordable, easy to serve, and you can offer guests a variety of flavors (glazed, old-fashioned, sprinkles, etc.). Not to mention, doughnuts are simply downright adorable. And while you can certainly serve doughnuts instead of cake altogether, you could also offer doughnuts as a part of a larger dessert-table spread. (Hey, where dessert’s concerned, we say the more the merrier.)

Ahead, check out 20 of our favorite doughnut wall variations to inspire your own.

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