20 Funny Wedding Pictures That Will Make You LOL

Weddings are emotion-filled experiences. First comes the excitement of getting engaged, then the rush of wedding planning, and then love and tenderness fill the air when the day arrives. Couples experience romance, elation, and laughter on their wedding day. Whether you need some giggles to release nerves or you’re so happy you can’t help but get a little goofy, there are plenty of opportunities to let funny moments unfold. And why not? Let silliness reign during this joyous occasion! 

Our roundup of good-humored photos from talented photographers will encourage you to let the good times roll as your photographer documents it all. Some may even inspire you to pre-plan with props, motivating guests—from your wedding party to family, and you and your partner—to err on the side of lightheartedness. 

Ahead, 20 funny wedding pictures that are sure to make you smile.

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