8 Insanely Beautiful Honeymoon Villas You Can Rent Now

Austin, Texas

Austin is already an incredibly popular city for bachelorette and bachelor parties, but you can see how settling into marital bliss there would also make a lot of sense if you decided to bring friends along for all the buddymoon fun. This centrally located, contemporary farmhouse has a private pool and hot tub, plus a gourmet kitchen should you or your guests feel inspired to cook (or hire a private chef for a one-of-a-kind dining experience during your ‘moon). Pairing this dream home with plenty to do in a city that has a relaxing pace, excellent food, and a not to be missed music scene for couples or friends who enjoy live music (Austin is dubbed the live music capital of the world—and for good reason), Austin is one honeymoon or buddymoon destination you might want to consider, just for the short flight time alone.

Honeymooners' tip: If you do end up taking a buddymoon with friends, or just want to keep your wedding party going, the W Hotel Austin has one of the best daytime pool parties east of Las Vegas. Newlyweds can dance poolside or rent a private cabana for some alone time away from the crowd.

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