20 Unique Bachelorette Party Destinations

You're only a bachelorette once, so however—and wherever—you choose to spend it should be one for the books, especially if you and your friends are hitting several bachelorette parties this year. While Las Vegas may be top of mind when it comes to bachelorette destinations, there are many alternative locations just as suitable (if not more!) to your party needs. Dreaming of a beach escape? Try the Caribbean. A wild "last hurrah?" Explore Mexico! Wine tasting? Consider Argentina.

"A good bachelorette party destination should offer plenty of sunshine and a variety of activities for the group to enjoy," says Jennifer Avey, VP of Marketing at Celebration Travel. Your bachelorette party is about bonding with your favorite people as much as it is about celebrating the change in your relationship status, so destinations with multiple merits—a relaxing ambiance, scenic views, amazing food, and a bustling nightlife—are key for everyone to have a good time.

Meet the Expert

Jennifer Avey is the VP of Marketing at Celebration Travel, a travel planning company geared specifically for group excursions.

Accessibility and affordability are major planning considerations, especially for your in-demand friends with multiple bachelorette trips (and expenses!) lined up. Coordinate schedules early on (as soon as you propose to your bridesmaids-to-be) and be on the lookout for deals. Pro tip: Save money by booking group packages in advance.

"Many resorts are offering exclusive bachelorette party packages that come equipped with everything you need including unique activities," says Avey. "Think tequila or wine tastings, bonfires on the beach, as well as personalized décor, and VIP amenities like beach/pool butler service." So if you find crafting a bespoke itinerary stressful, consider these all-inclusive packages. Some even include excursions for every interest. All you have to do is show up and enjoy!

If you prefer beachside relaxation, Avey recommends taking a catamaran cruise. For a more adventurous escape, consider a destination with activities like ATV rides, ziplines, and trails for hiking. Of course, the choice should ultimately depend on the bride and her friends' preferences.

So whether your ideal getaway is fun in the sun or action and adventure, there’s a vacation perfect for you and your friends.

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