The Best Royal Bachelorette Parties of All Time, From Kate Middleton's to Meghan Markle's

Sarah Ferguson

If her mom Sarah Ferguson’s hen do is any indication, Princess Eugenie’s own event might've been a wild one. In 1986, Duchess Fergie reportedly gathered some of their friends—including Princess Diana—and hit the town, dressed as police officers in uniforms and wigs, marking the first ever royal hen do. During their big night out, they pretended to arrest one of their friends near Buckingham Palace... and got arrested by actual police officers. They explained this misunderstanding, and hit Annabel’s nightclub—still in their wigs. And they weren’t done yet! They closed out the night by playing a trick on Prince Andrew and locking the palace gates. Sarah later shared in her autobiography that she confessed the happenings of her wild night to the Queen, who—thankfully—found it "reasonably amusing.”

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