10 Creative Details Inspired by the Royal Wedding Reception

While we weren't invited to the ultra-exclusive royal wedding reception, we are thankful that details are (finally!) emerging from it—and they do not disappoint. Epic toasts? You know it. Fireworks? Naturally. Basically, Meghan and Harry's royal wedding reception sounds like the best reception ever.

And surprisingly, it's not the stately venue or celebrity guests that made this party the talk of the town. Instead, it's the creative touches the couple put on their own celebration. From a signature cocktail inspired by their first meeting to late-night burgers (a nod to the bride's American roots) and more, it's clear that Harry and Meghan, like any bride and groom, were quite involved in the planning and personalizing of their wedding reception. Which is good news, because even if you can't get Elton John on stage or George Clooney to RSVP, you can copy the 10 creative ideas below. And, of course, you don't want to emulate Harry and Meghan exactly, however tempting that may be.

Instead, think about highlighting an aspect of your relationship, serving your go-to drunk-munchies, and showcasing your favorite cocktails to throw an epic celebration that feels customized to you and your partner. We think Harry and Meghan would agree that your wedding day is all about just that—showcasing your love, your relationship, and your future life together—whether you're a royal or not!

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