Etsy Releases Top Wedding Trends of 2019 to Inspire Your Future Wedding Planning

In case you've missed the memo (a forgivable blunder), Etsy has risen to the ranks as one of the most all-inclusive e-commerce hotspots for absolutely all of your personalized wedding needs. We're talking menus, bridesmaids gifts, even veils—truly the whole nine yards. Not to mention, you can bet your budget-friendly bottom dollar that Etsy consistently delivers on high-quality products without breaking the bank.

Lucky for you, Etsy just shared its predictions of the top wedding trends of 2019. If you're tying the knot this year, resident trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson unveiled the latest and greatest wedding takes that are bound to blow up, just in time for your big day. Think eco-friendly decor, touches of texture, and sentimentality galore. To streamline your wedding planning process, we broke down the key highlights of the personalized platform's 2019 Trendcast, along with pretty picks to incorporate each in-demand style into your own nuptials.

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