9 Hair & Makeup Artists Celebs Turn to for Their Weddings

Daniel Martin

If you want the secret to Meghan Markle's no-makeup, wedding day makeup look, the secret is just that: no makeup! The royal bride's makeup artist and friend Daniel Martin told Brides after the wedding that he used only a few products to achieve her look. To help achieve the bride's desired “radiant, glowy, and polished," look, Martin only used "waterproof mascara, lash accents on her outer corners, and filled-in brows."

"We focused on the eyes because they're so expressive and her favorite feature, so we wanted to give them the attention they deserve to compliment everything else," he said. For soon-to-be brides, take this piece of advice from Martin, "For a moment like this, the hair and makeup should always compliment the dress." AKA don't go overboard with the makeup and go for a subtle look that lets the dress do all the talking.

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