35 Heartwarming Wedding Ceremony Moments

Wedding receptions may be rife with fun and excitement, but it’s the ceremony that serves as the heartbeat of the big day. The first kiss, the reading of the vows, the exchanging of wedding rings, the confetti toss—there’s nothing like these tender moments to evoke all the feels. A wedding may spill with emotion from beginning to end, but the feelings peak during the ceremony—it doesn’t get more real than when you’re literally promising to spend the rest of your life with someone. And when those emotions are captured unfiltered on camera by a great photographer, what could be more priceless?

Seriously, what melts your heart more than a crying groom? Not much, we think, but there are a few close seconds—a bride’s emotional reading of her vows or her reaction to hearing her partner’s vows, the significance of slipping the wedding rings on each finger, the timeless beauty of religious ceremonies, and those intimate touches, coveted looks, and in-between moments you just can’t put into words. While we love a good posed photo, these natural shots are must-haves that will be cherished forever.

We’ve gathered it all—from excitement and joy to the heartfelt and compassionate, there’s some serious wedding ceremony magic right here that promises to tug on your heartstrings.

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