18 Lucite Wedding Ideas We're Clearly in Love With

Minimalist couples, this one’s for you. Lucite and acrylic décor have seeped into the wedding world, and it’s making modern weddings better than ever. Reflective, transparent, and stylish, these Lucite wedding ideas instantly add a touch of contemporary chic to any ceremony or reception, regardless of wedding theme or style. Simply pair acrylic wedding ideas with pampas grass to soften things up, gilded accents to make a statement of elegance, or industrial details for an edgy effect. It's as simple as that!

One of the best things about Lucite is its versatility. Lucite makes for a trendy alternative to paper—think invitations to set the tone for your wedding and escort cards to liven up a seating chart display. Just have it etched or emblazoned with scrawling calligraphy for an instant note of romance. Lucite can also liven up a tabletop, thanks to elements like clear place cards and menus to serveware and table numbers.

On a more grandiose level, Lucite also makes for some unique signs or stunning art installations—perfect for a ceremony backdrop. Fill Plexiglass pillars or clear tables with florals and greenery for a 3D effect. We also love Lucite chairs at a ceremony or reception—they simultaneously look mod and glam, while creating a spacious effect thanks to their translucence.

Acrylic wedding décor is best used when it complements rather than upstages the other wedding décor because the true beauty in Lucite is that it can elevate a space without stealing eyes away from the rest of the wedding. With its see-through effect, it subtly blends into its surroundings while still making a striking statement.

Just take a look at these amazing Lucite wedding ideas below to see how it’s done.

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