25 Picture-Perfect Wedding Ceremony Exits

As you know, we publish beautiful, emotional, and inspirational photos from real weddings every single day here at BRIDES. And in order to select said images, our editors pour through thousands upon thousands of photo galleries, Instagram feeds, and blog posts—you'd think it would get old eventually, right? Well, it doesn't! Every single time, in every single wedding gallery, we spot never-before-seen photos that stand out and moments that, quite frankly, stop us in our tracks (in which case, we naturally send screenshots to other editors with captions like, "Look at that smile!" or "OMG, he's crying!").

Of course, these photos often include the firsts—the first dance, the first kiss, the first look—but the one moment we always fall for is the ceremony exit (and, no, it's not because of the confetti toss or rice shower). Why do we love this moment, you ask? There are a few theories, but mostly we love that the ceremony exit is a purely candid moment. It's the moment when the couple realizes, "OMG, we did it!" Some brides cry, some grooms throw their hands in the air, and others sneak in another kiss. But no matter what the couple's reaction is, it's special to them. And in one photo, the photographer has (hopefully) captured all that joy and happiness. We love that—and we thought you would, too.

Here we give you a curated gallery packed full of emotional, candid, real photos. We hope these newlywed couples inspire you and get you excited for your own march down the aisle!

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