68 Rustic Wedding Ideas for Casual and Cozy Nuptials

There's something innately comforting about a rustic-themed wedding, like the warm feeling of returning home and being cozy. What better way to begin your new life with your spouse than by capturing the sentiments of home from the get-go? A relaxed atmosphere, soothing neutral tones, all the bounty of nature, and sturdy wood accents to ground the casual palette are all facets that speak to the rustic wedding persona.

"I feel that the setting is the most important," says wedding planner Julie Lindenman of Julie Lindenman Events. "Working with a palette or design that ties in the natural surroundings feels the most authentic to me." But capturing such an intimate aesthetic that is entirely you can be difficult, especially amidst a sea of trendy rustic wedding décor we've no doubt seen a million times. "Keep it simple," advises Vanessa Vierra of Vanessa Noël Events. "Sometimes with a rustic design, the tendency can be to try to overdo it with signage and clutter. Less is more!"

Meet the Expert

  • Julie Lindenman is a wedding planner and the founder of Julie Lindenman Events, a full-service wedding and event production company based in NYC.
  • Vanessa Vierra is the owner and creative director of Vanessa Noël Events.

Whether you're pulling out all the stops or opting for something a bit more laid-back, check out our picks of the best rustic wedding ideas.

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