The 30 Best Two-Stone Engagement Rings of 2022

MinimalVS Galaxy Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring, 2-stone Engagement Ring

We can't get enough of this enchanting design. The galaxy-inspired stones make it hard not to stare at the intricate textures and dimensions of these salt and pepper diamonds all day long.

What to Look for When Choosing a Two-Stone Engagement Ring


Whether you decide to match or mismatch your stones, the cut of your two-stone engagement ring is a way to make a statement that reflects your own personal style. Wherever your heart may lead, there is simply no wrong choice. "Any diamond cut works for a two-stone ring, but some popular choices are rounds and pears. For those looking to sport two different cuts, some are following the lead of Emily Ratajkowski and opting for two completely different shapes - like a pear and square cut diamond set side by side," says Nicole Wegman.


Due to the naturally extravagant nature of two-stone rings, most brides opt for a minimalistic band that balances out the prominence of the stones. "These look best with a simple metal or diamond band to let the center stones stand out," explains Rector.

A gold band is a fantastic way to create a timeless yet striking contrast between the band and the stones, whereas a white gold or platinum band is a great way to emulate a more chic and polished look.


In this case, the two stones are the stars of the show. While they definitely don't have to match, be mindful to ensure that they complement one another. "A two-stone engagement ring is an avant-garde design on it's own and thus, should not be overly accessorized with diamonds. We recommend choosing stones close in size, approximately 0.5 carat apart, and matching color and clarity if possible," Connie Hung suggests.


  • "An engagement is a commitment between two people - like the two stones, they will sit side by side for eternity and be grounded to the same foundation. It's a quite beautiful thought," says Hung.

  • "Absolutely! The trend right now is actually to showcase two different diamond cuts when creating a two-stone ring," explains Wegman. "The contrast between a gemstone and diamond is a great look," Rector adds.

  • "A two-stone engagement ring is definitely a showstopper in itself. We recommend pairing it with a dainty diamond band or even just a simple gold band," says Hung.

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