21 Stunning Wedding Veil Ideas From Real Brides

There's something so magical about putting on a veil. For many brides, this is the moment when it finally clicks that the wedding is really happening and they’re not just playing dress-up in a gorgeous gown. In addition to its emotional symbolism, this iconic bridal accessory plays a crucial role in defining your overall style. Choose from different fabrics, lengths, and embellishments to create a look that speaks to your personality!

Birdcage and shoulder-length veils are unique and fashion-forward, perfect for playing up a short wedding dress. Elbow and fingertip styles are popular because they complement almost any type of gown. The ballet or waltz veil hits somewhere between the knee and the ankle, so it’s a good choice for brides who love a longer style but don’t want to worry about tripping over it. A floor or chapel style that falls a couple of inches beyond the gown creates a romantic and elegant look. A cathedral is the longest type of veil, making it the ultimate showstopper for brides who want a dramatic walk down the aisle.

To help you choose a veil that fits your fashion style, we’ve gathered some exquisite examples from real-life weddings.

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