The 5 Top Groom Style Trends of 2021

A Return to Customization

The final trend is one that’s evergreen, yet ever-changing: the custom suit. “Nothing speaks to a groom’s individual sense of style like a custom suit or tuxedo,” says Sudhakar. “While the truly personalized fit alone will make you stand out, the choice of fabric and lining selection, and special details like pocket type, lapels, and stitching, ensure that a custom suit is a way to truly own your look.”

A custom suit may seem overwhelming for some, but it's the best way to capture all the specific details you want for when it's time to say "I do." Sudhakar explains that the process can take about two weeks to create at Men's Wearhouse, however, that timeframe will vary depending on other retailers or bespoke tailoring locations.

For those interested in designing their own look, Sudhakar suggests a design tip that'll help make your big day even more special. “Most grooms also include special notes or dates inside their garments to commemorate the occasion.” Those are the kind of heartfelt details you just can’t get off the rack.

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