7 Ways to Plan a Wedding With No Job

Don’t Shy Away From Out-of-Budget Vendors

As you come to understand who is or isn’t able to work within your budget during consultations, it never hurts to ask if vendors have colleagues in their expertise they can refer. As we interviewed planners, we quickly realized the full-service providers were out of budget, but still walked away with invaluable insights from those we spoke with. “They may not fit within your budget, but so many of the best wedding pros are well-connected and willing to share,” says Allison Davis, Founder and Principal Producer of Davis Row. She advises not talking yourself out of having conversations with wedding pros whose work and brand you admire solely because of budget concerns. “Be forthcoming about what you’re comfortable spending and what your goals are (mentioning how much you love their work certainly doesn’t hurt, either), and you might be surprised by what comes back to you,” Davis shares.

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