Exclusive Look at Inbar Lavi's Custom Wedding Dress Process

If you've been embarking on your wedding dress journey with Brides (and even if you haven't!) you may know that bridal fashion is one of our favorite topics to discuss. From sumptuous ballgowns to sexy A-line silhouettes and unconventional mini dresses, we absolutely love sharing our insight into what goes into dressing for one of the biggest days of your life.

So, when singer, entrepreneur, and actress on the TV show "Lucifer," Inbar Lavi, gave us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at her custom wedding dress journey, we obviously (and immediately!) jumped at the opportunity to share. Inbar married Dan Bar Shira on September 13, 2021, in a burning man-inspired beach wedding in Israel. Everything from the decor, food, and music were expertly planned, but the stars of the show were the day-of fashions. While many brides opt for one or two looks to say "I do", the actress donned four custom Daniella Hajaj wedding looks for her big day!

But how did Inbar pull it off (and in only three weeks!)? Keep reading for exclusive details on how she said yes to the dresses, as photographed by People Photography.

The Israeli designer and actress met via Inbar's stylist, Shany Lasry. "To be perfectly honest, I had a different designer in mind," shares Lavi. "And then Shany Lasry (my stylist) came into the picture and helped guide me to the right person...someone who would share my vision. That’s when she introduced me to Daniella"

While Inbar instantly loved Daniella when they met, the actress was a bit apprehensive to embark on such an extensive process with very minimal time. "When we first met I was hesitant—we literally had three weeks to get four dresses ready!!!! [But when] I walked into her studio (not far from my hometown where I grew up as a little girl), I immediately felt at ease," reveals the actress.

Daniella also shares the same positive sentiments about Inbar, exclusively telling Brides, "Inbar has the most incredible personality. She has so much charm and nobility that it’s impossible not to fall in love with her. You could say that we understood each other pretty quickly."

"It was very important for her to be herself, and that her dress characterized her and her personality. I really [loved the journey]. It was an amazing experience for me and I really enjoyed it," the designer adds.

Finding a gown that not only looks good but makes you feel good, is one of the most important elements behind shopping for a wedding dress. And when creating a custom look, achieving this balance can only happen if you work with a designer that matches your personality and personal style—which was clearly the case with Daniella and Inbar.

I wanted [my dresses] to feel like it was something I already owned. Something that would feel like home.

When the process began, Inbar was sure of one thing: That she wanted to create dresses that not only spoke to her personal style, but ones that gave her a sense of security and individuality. "Honestly, I've played a bride several times and had the privilege of wearing one or two wedding dresses for other characters. So when it was time to find the REAL one, the only thing that mattered to me was that it would be ME. I wanted [my dresses] to feel like it was something I already owned. Something that would feel like home."

"Daniella has this essence of a down-to-earth, boss woman who is kind and insanely gifted, all warped into this gorgeous Israeli mom package. Surrounded by an incredible team of hard-working seamstresses and assistants (ALL WOMEN), [they were] there to make everyone feel welcome and showered with love," the actress adds.

Her first dress was made from chiffon featuring an Italian crepe corset. It had clean lines, a thigh-high slit, and was the perfect silhouette for her beachy wedding locale. However, landing on this dress didn't come easy.

“Together we tried on a bunch of dresses in her studio and nothing felt right. Then, we just narrowed in on the fabric. Daniella said ‘Close your eyes, touch it, feel it. Is this what you want holding you?’ And, I knew chiffon was the fabric I wanted to be wrapped in on this day," shares the bride. "Daniella went to the back and brought out a massive roll of that fabric and started wrapping me in it. We literally crafted it on my body from scratch. It was amazing. We started pulling out strings and tying up ribbons until we found the design we all loved. It was so creative and free, which happens to be the spirit of the wedding.”

Next was a strapless number featuring an asymmetrical side hemline, made from mesh fabric intertwined with Swarovski stones. The dress fit her body perfectly, and during the fitting "her eyes were full of happiness and joy. At the end, she stood in front of the mirror and said 'Daniella you made my dream come true,'" gushes the designer.

Bringing all the drama, the third look was a showstopping piece—one Inbar would wear at the end of her wedding celebration. A sexy one-shoulder mini dress, fully encrusted with crystals.

Last but not least, was a tea-length tulle and lace dress, which Inbar donned during the reception. "I had so much fun dancing in it and it looked incredible!" shares the bride. "I could see how comfortable I was and how silly I acted in [the dress]. It made me feel like a kid, and made me twirl and feel like a princess."

Having three weeks to create four custom looks can seem like an impossible task for many brides (and for us!). And if you're still wondering how she did it, it was by staying calm and remaining present throughout the entire experience. "Enjoy the ride. There will be plenty of times where you feel overwhelmed. Take a breath, smile, know it's all part of [the process] and you have the choice of embracing the chaos and enjoying it," Inbar shares.

To see the final dresses in action, be sure to check out her exclusive real wedding feature on brides.com.

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