We Took Actor Jordan Connor Shopping for His Wedding Day Suit

As we all know, the bride is usually the star of the show. From the wedding dress to the beauty looks, and even accessory choices, guests are typically focused on the bride's journey down the aisle. Let's face it, while a wedding is meant to celebrate the love of a couple, the groom oftentimes gets overshadowed and overlooked. But what happens when there are two stars getting married? And yes, we're talking literally and figuratively. 

This is the case for actor and star of the TV series Riverdale, Jordan Connor, and his soon-to-be wife, actress Jinjara Mitchell, who are set to be wed during an intimate ceremony with family and friends. Though Jinjara and Jordan are working together to plan their fairytale wedding, we still had to make sure Jordan got his time in the limelight—which is why we took him suit shopping with menswear brand Suitsupply

From non-traditional colors to classic silhouettes, Jordan candidly shares his experience with Suitsupply and his vision for his day-of look. Read on for his journey from the red carpet to the aisle, as photographed by Katja Martin Photography.

As with most suit shopping experiences, Jordan was greeted by a Suitsupply menswear expert, then quickly measured and asked about his style preferences. When sharing his experience with Brides, the actor reveals "I had an amazing experience with Suitsupply. They made the whole process simple and fun, and picked styles for me to try [on] that made me feel like I belonged in a suit."

An initial consultation with a retailer or brand is always important. It'll allow you to feel comfortable during the process, while also providing your menswear experts with all the necessary information they need.

My favorite non-traditional style that I loved was probably the double-breasted vest on the mid-green Lazio Suit. It fit perfectly and the detail was gorgeous.

Jordan's first look was Suitsupply's Lazio green three-piece suit, which can be customized to fit anyone's needs. It was a bit non-traditional, but still a piece that stood out for the Riverdale star. "My favorite non-traditional style that I loved was probably the double-breasted vest on the mid-green Lazio Suit. It fit perfectly and the detail was gorgeous," he shares.

For his second look, the groom couldn't help but smile as he tried on Suitsupply's Lazio blue three-piece suit (and we're smiling at how handsome he looks, too!). This suit features a classic cut, clean lines, and a matching vest. Even better, it fit the actor perfectly, which is something he values when it comes to dressing in formalwear.

"I think the biggest thing for me is how I feel wearing [a suit]," Jordan reveals. "I have this image in my mind about what a gentleman should look like. And when a suit fits just right and it feels bespoke to my style, I feel great and that is most important to me."

Last, but certainly not least, was Suitsupply's black Lazio Tuxedo. Jordan styled it with a crisp white tuxedo shirt and a black satin bowtie.

Suit and tuxedos are two different menswear looks. While it may be hard to spot the difference at times, the only thing a tux and a suit actually share is the fact that both the jacket and trousers are made from the same, matching material. 

This will be what I'll be wearing on the most important day of my life, so there is a very sentimental aspect to it.

Though the Riverdale star is used to looking sharp on the red carpet, this experience was a bit different for him. "I think the meaning behind why I am getting the suit makes all the difference," he tells Brides. "For an event, it's only one night. But when it comes to my wedding, this will be what I'll be wearing on the most important day of my life, so there is a very sentimental aspect to it."

For grooms currently on the hunt for wedding day attire, take note from Jordan who ventured outside of his comfort zone to find "the one."

"I do have a couple suits in my wardrobe, but I have always been pretty conservative with choices," he reveals. "Shopping at Suitsupply definitely opened my mind up to a lot of styles that I thought I would never see myself wearing. I was surprised at some of the suits I ended up loving the most!"

One final takeaway? "My biggest piece of advice is to try on a lot of different styles. You might find something that you never thought you would love and it becomes the perfect suit for your big day," Jordan shares.

While we'll have to wait until the big day to see which suit made the cut, Jordan is not too worried about his final ensemble. "The most important thing for [Jinjara and I] is that we feel our best and have an amazing time with friends and family, celebrating our love!" he gushes.

One thing is for sure, he'll look absolutely perfect in whatever he chooses to wear—and we can't wait to reveal every detail after the wedding, which will be exclusively featured on Brides.

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