A Magical Desert Wedding at Amangiri in Utah

Dulce Martin met Dennis Breum at 6 a.m. during breakfast at a surf camp in Bali. During their first conversation, the now-couple didn't exactly hit it off. "He told me he hated big cities (I'm from Mexico City), and that it was too bad I was 32 (basically calling me old because he was 25)," Dulce recalls. Despite their differences, they dated long distance for the next year—with Dulce in Mexico City and Dennis in Hvide Sande, Denmark—before Dennis made an announcement: He was quitting his job, selling everything, and risking it all to travel the world with his love, which they did for a year and a half.

For their second anniversary, Dulce surprised Dennis by taking him to one of her favorite places. "I have traveled extensively around the world—I’ve been to 127 countries, and more hotels than I would care to count—and Amangiri is definitely one of my favorite ones," she says. "Last year, I wanted to surprise Dennis by taking him there for his birthday and to celebrate our belated anniversary, and he ended up surprising me, by proposing."

What at first felt like a very crazy pipe dream became the most magical and perfect day of our lives.

After what Dulce describes as the "daze she lived in for a couple of weeks" as the surprise wore off, the couple started brainstorming places to wed, and Amangiri again came to mind. "What at first felt like a very crazy pipe dream became the most magical and perfect day of our lives," she says. They were deeply drawn to the resort's seclusion and beauty and knew they would be able to create a "luxuriously dusky and minimal experience" for their guests there. “The architecture, the views, the staff, the food—everything about it. It’s just magic," she says.

On February 29, 2020, their wedding was magical in its own right, with candles, décor, and florals creating a nature-inspired ambiance that blended into the scenic backdrop and gorgeously sloped surroundings. Keep reading to see the couple's artistic and cultured celebration, as planned by Mae & Co and captured by Laurken Kendall, below.

"We love that it’s a secluded and incredibly beautiful; the understated luxury blends perfectly with the stunning nature of its surroundings," Dulce says of their wedding venue. "But above all of these incredible qualities, what we love the most is the peace that you feel in every room, every space, and every corner. The vibe of it it’s unique and indescribable."

The couple's simply "magical" theme was reflected in every moment of their special day, from the invitation suite to their ceremony and reception decor. "Every single detail of our wedding was perfectly thought out to reflect who we are as individuals, who we’ve become as a couple, and what our loved ones mean to us," she says. An example? Their invitations by Camila Dias from Carta Plena, which were designed to honor the wedding location, with embossed topography and images of the canyons at Amangiri, and their relationship, including a quote from the book that Dulce was reading when they first met.

Dulce’s dress shopping experience was an international one. “I tried on dresses in Mexico, Los Angeles, Nashville, London, Paris, the Netherlands, and Spain," she admits. "I also did it all by myself, as I wanted to hear myself think and decide according to what felt perfect for me, and I also wanted to surprise everyone, including my mom. Nobody saw the dress until I walked down the aisle.”

She ultimately chose two dresses: A custom-made gown for the ceremony and dinner by Sophie et Voila, and a second for the reception by Cortana Brides. "Both of them felt unique, they were both very comfortable to wear, and most importantly, they felt like me—or a very elevated version of me," she says with a laugh. "They reflected two very different sides of who I am. One is classic, elegant, with a goddess vibe, while the other one is a little rebellious, and slightly sexy but simple and classic too."

Dulce’s style worked toward comfort and an elevated sense of her own personal style. She wore a pair of Rag & Bone booties since the ceremony was held on uneven ground, and added a veil from LOHO Bride that was a "love at first sight" purchase.

While her accessories were all carefully selected, Dulce admits that two accessories were the most meaningful: her headpiece and her engagement ring. The headpiece was centered around her late grandmother's brooch, which was redesigned and handcrafted by Andy Guerra from Tocados Isabela. Her engagement ring was made by Jen Boschma of Love Verité. "My engagement ring needs a whole book for itself. Dennis designed it with the help of a very good friend of mine, Jen," she says. "It’s an oval-shaped diamond, with two halos, and the most beautiful detail on the back. When we started dating, Dennis gave me a bracelet that resembles the infinity symbol, and he replicated the exact shape of the bracelet on the back of the ring, and engraved it with 'Forever and A Day.'"

The talented Sarah Winward created the day's florals, including Dulce's stunning bouquet of white flowers with accents of yellow stems and wild grasses.

Dennis donned a custom gray suit from Dolce & Gabanna paired with a white Dior shirt—the bee monogram embroidered in black. His classic skinny black tie also featured a silver bee.

Dulce describes the planning process "as one of the most fun things I've ever done," thanks to their amazing team, whom she says they were so fortunate to work with. Their first call was to photographer Laurken Kendall. "We loved her work from before, and really wanted her to capture us and our day, and we crushed hard after having a chat with her. She’s an incredibly talented photographer, and an even better human being," Dulce says. "After she came on board, she recommended Mae & Co and Manda, and after talking to my wonder woman—that’s what I call Manda—for the first time, we knew she was the right person for the job, and, boy, we were blown away."

At the entrance of the ceremony site, guests were welcomed with a table of flower seeds in different bowls. They were directed to fill a cone with the seeds of their choosing. Each seed had a different meaning, with lavender as a symbol of "purity, devotion, peace, serenity, grace, and calmness," and baby's breath as a symbol "everlasting love, loyalty and the purity of emotion that two people should have for each other," for example.

The ceremony took place on a plateau on Amangiri's property. "We wanted to create a unique, simple but strikingly beautiful scenario that would naturally blend with such stunning surroundings without taking anything away from it, but subtly adding to it with very thought out details," Dulce explains.

They did that (and more!) with the help of floral designer Sarah Winward and their wedding planner, Manda Worthington of Mae & Co. "She exceeded every expectation we ever had, and realized every dream we came up with, somehow making it even better than what we dreamt of," she says.

The aisle was marked with tall arrangements of pampas grass on either side, ultimately leading to an arch made of more pampas grass and vines and grasses.

Seated on white benches, the couple's 60 guests were given blankets—in muted shades of pink and gray—to share in case they got cold during the outdoor ceremony.

Sons of Serendip, a quartet from Boston, provided live music for the ceremony and first dance.   The first two songs—“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran and “Time After Time” by Cindy Lauper– played as guests took their seats. “Love Someone” by Lukas Graham played while Dennis walked down the aisle, and “Can’t Help Falling In Love” as Dulce was escorted by her father.

Dennis walked down the aisle with his mother, while Dulce’s father escorted her. "My dad and I had a very long aisle to walk, and we were walking and talking and laughing, when all of a sudden, my head was pulled back," Dulce recalls. "My veil got stuck in a bush and flew away, so I had to run behind it in the middle of the way to Dennis."

The ceremony was officiated by the couple’s best friend Katie who incorporated semi-precious stones and rocks to "send good vibes into the universe and secure the couple’s future."

We both wrote our own vows—and almost couldn’t read them from the excitement and horrible handwriting we have.

Dulce and Dennis wrote their own vows, which contained many anecdotes of their journeys together and a lot of promises. "We both wrote our own vows—and almost couldn’t read them from the excitement and horrible handwriting we have," she admits. "Our vows included a lot of anecdotes of our journey together, a lot of promises...but mostly, they included heartfelt words that brought us to tears, as they showed our most vulnerable selves, vowing love and respect for each other for the rest of our lives."

Dulce's parents have been happily married for 44 years but exchanged new wedding bands when they renewed their vows on their 30th anniversary. Her mom saved the original ones, which Dulce asked her friend Jen Boschma of Love Verité to meld into new bands for her and Dennis. "I asked my parents if we could have those original wedding bands, so we could melt them, and make our bands from them, hoping we would be as lucky in marriage as they have," she says.

"We had a moment at the ceremony, where we asked our guests to join their hands and close their eyes to send us their best vibes, wishes, and hopes for our new journey, and the band played 'How Long Will I Love You' while this moment was happening," recalls the bride.

Looking back, Dulce says she can't help but mention how incredibly grateful and lucky she and Dennis feel to have had the wedding they did. "The love, joy, and peace we felt during the whole weekend are beyond what words could ever describe," she says. "A lot of things had to come together for that day to happen and to be perfect, so many, it would take us days to tell you about it, but what we can definitely tell you is that we are insanely thankful to life, our loved ones, and the universe for giving us such a perfect day."

The walk to the reception space was decorated with a wall of dried flowers, lounge seating, and a pillar marked with the couple's logo.

Dulce and Dennis hosted guests from 13 different nationalities at their wedding. "For Mexican standards, we had a very small wedding. Normal weddings in Mexico have over 150 guests," Dulce explains. "For Danish standards, we had a normal to a big-size wedding, as they regularly have around 20 to 50 guests."

The minimal desert-inspired décor featured touches of soft pink and neutral earth tones. Hanging pampas grass floral bouquets accented the open-air reception venue as crisp white tapestries framed the location with luxurious vibes.

The couple's sweetheart table was decorated with arrangements of natural grasses to mimic the pampas clouds above.

Tables were set with brushed velvet napkins, matte gold flatware, and stone-colored plates and chargers. The menus repeated the topography design from the invitation suite.

The first dish served was a version of Pho with a strong and spicy kick, followed by steak and fish over a bed of the couple’s favorite vegetables and sauces to pair. Desert consisted of sticky date toffee pudding and sticky rice with mango—Dulce’s favorites. 

At the reception, Dulce and Dennis walked out to a rendition of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”, and their first dance was to “Nothing Really Matters” by Mr. Probz.

The couple's wedding cake was designed the talented Jasmine De Lung from Jasmine Rae Cakes designed the wedding cake. It featured a raspberry lavender filling and was decorated to mimic the lines and tones of the surrounding landscape.

During the cake cutting, Dennis helped Dulce reach the top of the cake.

The day after the wedding, the newlyweds took a helicopter ride with their beloved photographer and videographers from White in Revery.

The love, joy, and peace we felt during the whole weekend are beyond what words could ever describe.

Taking inspiration from the setting and the direction of their photo team, the couple explored the area and posed for some pretty epic photos, especially as the wind caught the train of Dulce's gown.

After the whirlwind weekend, Dulce and Dennis honeymooned in another secluded location: in the middle of the Denali National Park in Alaska, where they stayed at the Sheldon Chalet.

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