New Mira Zwillinger Wedding Dresses, Plus Past Collections

Whether you're familiar with bridal couture or not, chances are, you've laid eyes on a Mira Zwillinger gown. After establishing her exclusive couture atelier in 1995, she expanded internationally in 2011 and has since become one of the most beloved bridal designers. Season after season, her dreamy tulle-adorned creations and delicate appliqués continue to woo brides around the world.

Scroll below to see recent and past collections from Mira Zwillinger.

Mira Zwillinger Spring 2022

The Winds of Wonder collection is about renewal and rebirth. The whimsical, flowy gowns are paired with toppers and skirts, dreamy capelets, and unique elements to echo nature in a beautiful and lifelike way.


The Cut: Fitted strapless gown

The Material: Lace

The Wow Factor: Laser cut floral appliques


The Cut: Fitted lace gown with a sweetheart corset

The Material: Lace and soft tulle

The Wow Factor: Detachable tulle skirt


The Cut: Strapless ball gown

The Material: Lace and tulle

The Wow Factor: Crystal detail throughout


The Cut: Deep V-neck A-line gown

The Material: Soft tulle

The Wow Factor: Intricate 3D shoulder detail


The Cut: Fitted strapless gown with sweetheart corset

The Material: Lace and tulle

The Wow Factor: Detachable illusion high neck topper


The Cut: Strapless A-line gown

The Material: Soft tulle

The Wow Factor: Allover 3D appliques


The Cut: Illusion gown with long sleeves

The Material: Lace

The Wow Factor: Draped petals and crystal beading


The Cut: Fitted V-neck gown

The Material: Soft tulle

The Wow Factor: Intricate 3D shoulder detail


The Cut: Fit and flare mermaid halter gown with a deep V-neckline

The Material: Lace

The Wow Factor: Plunging neckline


The Cut: Deep V-neck A-line gown with illusion flutter sleeves

The Material: Lace and soft tulle

The Wow Factor: Plunging neckline


The Cut: Deep V-neck A-line gown

The Material: Soft tulle

The Wow Factor: Ruffled drop-sleeve tulle cape


The Cut: Strapless A-line gown with sweetheart corset

The Material: Lace and tulle

The Wow Factor: Detachable asymmetrical tulle sleeve

Mira Zwillinger Fall 2021

Mira Zwillinger's Fall 2021 "As You Wish" collection is a reflection of "hope, transformation, and the continued desire to celebrate life’s beautiful moments." The miniature couture collection includes five perfect-fit gowns and three removable toppers meant for creating customizable looks.

In accordance with our diversity pledge, it's our duty to note that at the time of publishing, this brand/designer did not include BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) in their Fall 2021 campaign imagery. We have since reached out to this brand/designer to encourage them to include BIPOC imagery in not only this season’s campaign but in future campaigns as well.

"Bruna" strapless lace ball gown with a rich train, in an allover delicate abstract handmade pattern with a detachable, open-backed long sleeve tulle topper. 

"Ari" deep V-neck, flowy and rich tulle gown, decorated with cascading detailed handmade 3D flowers. 

"Kaylyn" strapless A-line embroidered gown, fully adorned with handmade and hand-drawn lace flowers and matching flutter detailed light nude tulle shrug. 

"Jona" deep V-neck lace mermaid gown with a long train and exposed back, fully adorned with embroidered flower detail and detachable long sleeve V-neck topper made of sheer tulle, adorned with white embroidered flower detailing. 

"Katya" strapless Chantilly allover lace mermaid gown with a long train, decorated with scattered sequin motifs with a detachable halter neck sleeveless topper with an exposed back, decorated with cascading handmade flowers. 

Mira Zwillinger Fall 2020

In the Fall 2020 "Make a Wish" mini collection, you'll find six beautiful gowns with tons of texture. The designer makes use of floral embroidery, sparkling details, and 3D appliqués to create truly inspired looks.

"Anessa" embroidered floral lace gown decorated with hand-beaded pearls, paired with a matching hand-beaded cape.

"Jess" slim-fitted lace gown with a hand-embroidered bodice paired with a matching beaded silk tulle cape.

"Lexa" strapless, A-line gown composed of embroidered lace and elegant, draped silk tulle sleeves.

"Elli" low v-neck silk tulle gown adorned with scattered sparkling leaf appliqués and floral accents.

"Audrey" ball gown with sparkly leaf embroidery and floral accents.

"Zoie" low-cut and fitted delicate guipure lace gown.

Mira Zwillinger Spring 2020

The Spring 2020 "Make a Wish" collection was all about innovation. The designer utilized 3D printing technology to create tons of textures and details, both expertly handcrafted and freely illustrated. In her own words, "Make a wish collection should evoke the feeling of hope and ignite passion in a world filled with innovative vision and unlimited beauty."

"Jamie" strapless embroidered off-shoulder ball gown with micro-beaded dangling branches and open tulle bow back.

"Alena" long-sleeve delicate crochet beaded lace sheath with a high neck.

"Vale" long-sleeve V-neck sparkle lace sheath with open back and hand-illustrated 3D floral details and soft tulle asymmetric overskirt.

"Mati" strapless lace mermaid with 3D hand-contoured floral appliqués with barre back and long cape.

"Marvel" strapless tulle ball gown with a unique open corset and delicate sparkle garland embroidery.

"Elka" high-low linen gazar strapless dress with an open corset back with 3D hand illustrated flowers and Swarovski accents.

"Polly" linen gazar cocktail dress with hand-illustrated flowers.

"Flair" soft nude tulle drape one-shoulder gown with hand contoured 3D flowers and Swarovski on bodice and hem.

"Vega" long-sleeved sparkle crochet lace high-neck romper with soft silk tulle overskirt with 3D appliqués.

"Amy" soft nude draped strapless silk tulle full gown with hand contoured lace flowers at bodice and waist with a matching shrug.

"Sallee" soft nude strapless tulle A-line with hand-contoured flowers embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls with matching cape.

"Molly" long-sleeve abstract tulle gown with pearl accents and tulle bow back.

"Eve" strapless abstract tulle gown with ivory and gold hues.

"Stefania" gold and ivory long-sleeve ball gown with low V-back and scattered oversize 3D hand illustrated flowers throughout.

"Tonia" deep-V slim lace and floral gown with hand-contoured flowers with a shrug.

"Maike" long-sleeve open-square back floral embroidered gown with 3D pearl stems.

"Sparkle" long-sleeve abstract white caviar beaded ball gown with silver accents with open back.

"Lizzi" intricate pearl beaded and sequined strapless sheath.

"Kiera" long-sleeved high-back intricately pearl beaded and sequined sheath with a slit.

"Tati" sequin ballerina bodysuit with crystal pleated sparkle tulle skirt with a hand-contoured halo.

"Hope" cap-sleeve V-neck moon and star motif tulle gown.

"Stasia" long-sleeved embroidered tulle layered horsehair ball gown with delicate floral details and V-back.

"Whisper" strapless delicately beaded and sequined soft silk tulle gown.

"Amani" long-sleeve low-back beaded and pearled shift with feather trim.

"Moon" dreamy deep-V sequin bubble motif silk tulle gown with matching cape.

"Stephi" strapless tulle gown with 3D-embellished bodice and skirt with an embroidered beaded belt.

"Shine" off-shoulder fully embroidered sparkle and pearled tulle with 3D hand-contoured flower appliqués with an open corset and tulle bow back.

"Avril" fully embroidered beaded and pearled tulle ball gown with 3D hand-contoured floral bodice and low back.

Mira Zwillinger Fall 2019

The Fall 2019 "Queen of Ice" collection explores women's strength and sophistication. Some of the details found on these gowns, like intricate 3D florals, wispy tulle, and statement sleeves, "reflect a grander version of ourselves, which we can find and honor in each of us."

"Charla" classic A-line gown featuring the perfect corset and leaf embroidery throughout with a matching ultra-sheer capelet with a touch of leaf embroidery and ruched sleeves.

"Chaz" soft ivory mermaid gown with corset and leaf embroidered accents meticulously placed throughout.

"Fabiola" bold mermaid gown with classic white rose and vine embroidery.

"Mila" gown designed with layered floral embroidery and sequined leaf accents, which perfectly trickle down from the corset to the soft voluminous tulle skirt. Matching draped tulle shrug with delicate sequin and feather details.

"Julie" deep V-neck gown with luxurious train and 3D lace floral accents.

"Lulu" fitted light blush floral dress with draped tulle sleeves and 3D organza flowers.

"Nerry" corseted A-line textured tulle gown adorned with 3D organza flowers, Chantilly lace, and shimmering accents. Matching cape with shimmering floral and star accents throughout.

"Messa" luxurious floral embroidered gown with a voluminous skirt and rich floral train.

"New Fiona" is the classic Fiona gown revamped with ivory floral embroidery, low back, and delicate silk straps. Voluminous tulle skirt and a silk organza sash and bow.

"Helena" rich textured tulle gown with floral brocade accents and pearl embellishments. Matching capelet layered with organza, floral brocade, and pearl beading.

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