Pnina Tornai Designed a New Line of Heirloom-Worthy Fashion Jewelry

Let's be real: we have all fantasized about wearing a Pnina Tornai bridal gown. Having appeared on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress for 19 seasons, the renowned designer has gained a loyal following of brides, fashion lovers, and reality TV fans alike, all who tune in to see what the self-proclaimed "queen of bling" will dream up next. And while Tornai's couture gowns (complete with her signature beadwork) are perfect for the aisle, they're not necessarily something you can easily incorporate into your day-to-day wardrobe.

But we have some good news: fans of Pnina Tornai dresses can now wear her designs everyday, albeit in a subtler fashion. Tornai has partnered with jewelry retailer Jared to design a stunning new fashion jewelry collection that is every bit as glamorous as her famous gowns, and we got all of the details from the designer herself.

"I made these jewels to bring magic into the everyday," Tornai tells Brides. "My fashion jewelry collection is designed to be worn the way I wear it—for any and every occasion."

And while each piece in the collection is made to be the perfect accessory to any outfit, the jewelry is also elegant enough to accompany you and your wedding dress on your special day.

"My brides are always close to my heart, so it was also very important to me to include pieces that could be the finishing touch on a wedding day ensemble, and then be worn forever thereafter as a precious memory of a special, magical day," she says, adding that she hopes the pieces can become "heirlooms passed down from generation to generation."

Tornai tells us that the significant meanings behind pieces of jewelry are what make the accessory so special to her. She shares that she is "truly obsessed" with jewelry, which is why she chose it as her newest project.

"One of the things I love most about jewelry is that it's a way to celebrate special moments and milestones in life, like an anniversary or a personal achievement you are proud of," she says. "The pieces in this collection are pieces of me—each one has a special meaning to me and a special place in my life."

For example, she sites the diamond wing necklace as a tribute to her best friend (who is always her "wing woman"), and the ornate rose ring as a creation inspired by her mother's garden. Other pieces in the collection include dainty diamond jewelry, like a simple and stunning tennis bracelet, fashion-forward statement necklaces and rings, and sleek black diamond-encrusted items.

And while the design process for jewelry versus dresses may seem very different, Tornai tells us that it all stems from the same vision and passion. "I envision my jewelry the same way I envision my dress designs," she says. "I can see every detail and I know in my heart exactly what each ring, earring, or necklace is meant to become."

This isn't Tornai's first stint with jewelry design. In fact, Pnina and Jared collaborated a year ago on the designer's first-ever engagement ring collection, which expanded into anniversary bands and men's rings. She says working with Jared just made sense. "What better match for the queen of bridal than the king of jewelry?" she asks.

The collection, which features 10K and 14K earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces ranging from $599 to $9,999, is available now in stores and at

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