10 Questions to Never Ask a COVID Couple

If you’ve planned a wedding or gotten married within the last 12 months, you’ve earned the well-respected title of COVID couple, which means you’ve very likely experienced more difficulties, stress, disappointment, and frustration than any couple that’s come before you. 

It’s true that planning a wedding in the time of COVID-19 is truly unprecedented. No matter what stage of the planning process that you were in when life as we once knew it was entirely upturned last March, it’s safe to say you are in good company. Based on survey results from LendingTree, an estimated 63 percent of engaged Americans postponed their wedding as a result of COVID and one in four have canceled or postponed their honeymoon. 

The couples who fared the worst of the scenario were undoubtedly those who originally planned to get married in spring of 2020, as even when the pandemic started taking shape, no one anticipated it lasting as long as it has, notes Wendy Kay, wedding planner at Birds of a Feather Events in Dallas-Fort Worth. “Many of those couples winded up moving their wedding to fall of 2020 and even spring of 2021, assuming that everything would be fine, only to have to postpone their plans entirely once again,” she says. “This takes a serious toll mentally, emotionally, and financially—for couples and vendors.” Kay has even witnessed some of her couples having to move their weddings for the third time. 

Naturally, it’s a sensitive time for all members involved in the wedding sphere, but especially for the people actually getting married. “Weddings are such a personal and big life event and with COVID it goes one step further where the decisions you make not only affect your guests but your life and your future,” says Jamie Chang, owner and destination wedding planner at Mango Muse Events in Los Altos, California. “COVID brides, and couples in general, can't help but be really sensitive to their situation and everything happening around them and experience stress, anxiety, fear, and worry.”

Because of the sensitive nature of the situation, it’s important for friends, family members, and even mere acquaintances to be aware and cognizant of how they word and phrase certain topics surrounding weddings and marriage amidst the pandemic setting. Here are 10 questions that experts say should never be asked if you’re talking to a COVID couple.

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