Musician Quinn XCII and Macy Uekert's Vintage-Inspired Wedding in Michigan

Before Macy Uekert met her now-husband Mike Temrowski, she met his twin brother, Mat. In January 2014, the pair was tasked with planning a "Winter Weekend" for their respective sororities and fraternities at Michigan State University, and after months of planning, it was in the basement of that very college party that Macy finally met Mike, who is better known as musician Quinn XCII. "He introduced himself and thanked me for planning the event with his twin brother," recalls Macy. "I had no idea Mat had a brother, but I was not mad about it. We spent the weekend getting to know each other and the rest is history!"

Four years later, Mike and Macy found themselves living in California and discussing their future together. They were also getting ready to jet across the pond for Mike's first European tour. "I was pretty much expecting the proposal to happen during this trip and the contents of my suitcase agreed," says Macy with a laugh. Instead of the typical tour wardrobe of sweatpants, hoodies, and sneakers, Macy was packing "pea coats, booties, and too much jewelry." But to her surprise—and, in retrospect, relief—the proposal didn't happen in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, or anywhere in between. Instead, it happened the night before their flight during dessert at one of their favorite restaurants. "I think we both blacked out with happiness and emotion," she says. And, of course, later that night she swapped her pea coats for booties because they could "enjoy the tour with no anxious anticipation, but rather celebrate our engagement!"

Macy and Mike chose to have a long engagement (16 months to be exact!), which allowed them to spread out wedding planning and "never let it become a chore." As an interior designer, Macy decided to conquer the task on her own and had a clear vision: romantic, classic, and vintage—though "not Gatsby-esque!" Elements like invitations with handwritten cursive nestled in string and button envelopes with vintage stamps set the tone for their big day while their reception venue, a restored 1920's mansion, served as the perfect backdrop for the nuptials on May 25, 2019.

Read on to see just how Macy and Mike said "I do" in a romantic spring wedding, as captured by 50pts and Jonah George. And, music fans, take note: The night ended with an impromptu concert by the groom and their wedding video, above, features Quinn XCII’s song “Good Thing Go."

It was my mother and grandmother’s tears that told me this was the one.

"It was my mother and grandmother’s tears that told me this was the one," recalls the bride of her wedding dress search. She tried on about 20 dresses at various bridal salons before falling in love with this V-neck, drop-waist number by Flora Bridal. With intricate handsewn beading on the sheer bodice and a layered silk and tulle skirt, Macy says "the dress fit my style and personality perfectly." She covered both her "something old" and "something new" with her accessories: a vintage clutch from her great-grandmother and a David Yurman bracelet from Mike.

We both wrote our vows just the night before, so the emotions in them were really raw and present.

Macy and Mike opted for a first look and exchanged personal vows, which they say is one of their favorite memories from their wedding day. "We both wrote our vows just the night before, so the emotions in them were really raw and present," explains Macy. "We say nice things to each other all the time but writing them down and the commitment we made in these notes is something we'll cherish forever."

In tune with the 1920s-era vibe of the day, Mike matched his groomsmen in a black notched lapel tuxedo, suspenders, and pocket squares in favor of the traditional boutonniere. "I wanted them to look crisp and clean," says Macy.

The bridal party wore champagne-hued silk slip dresses and carried smaller versions of the bride's bouquet: white tulips, white and pink ranunculus, peonies, and olive branches.

Choosing a ceremony venue was easy for the couple, since Macy grew up attending LaGrave Avenue Church with her family. "I always knew I wanted to get married there someday," shares the bride. "Its stained-glass windows have always been my favorite—the light streams in so perfectly. It feels heavenly!"

Deciding on a reception space was also a no-brainer for the couple. After touring Venue3Two, they knew it was the perfect place to host their vintage soirĂ©e. However, their favorite aspect wasn't the beautiful ballroom—instead, they loved that all proceeds from the venue go towards charities supporting women and children. "We were even more confident booking this venue knowing where our money was going and how it was going to help," adds the bride.

Macy walked down the aisle arm-in-arm with her father, who she says cried as they were walking to the altar. Since Mike and Macy exchanged personal vows during their first look, they opted to recite formal vows during the ceremony. As they left the church as husband and wife, guests tossed olive branch leaves in celebration. Their exit ride? A family inherited 1929 Plymouth!

To kick off the reception, the newlyweds danced to Lukas Graham's "Love Someone." Later, they took turns dancing with their parents: Macy and her father swayed to "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw while Mike and his mother picked "The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra.

A mix of round and rectangular tables filled the reception space and guests found their seats on personalized loaves of bread that doubled as place cards. Floral arrangments and olive branch runners added color to each table, while crystal-cut glassware and mismatched silverware brought a vintage edge.

"When it came time for my dad to say his speech, he frantically started checking his pockets and suitcoat," recalls Macy of her father's toast. "The room became very awkward and silent, I felt so panicked! And it didn’t help when he said, 'I think it's in the car, be right back!' and ran away!" However, as soon as he left the ballroom, a prerecorded video began playing on a projector that showed the father-of-the-bride searching for the speech, retracing his steps through the church, his office, and back to his home—only to find that Mike, along with Macy's dog Nelson, had stolen the speech. At the end of the video, he came busting into the ballroom to finish off the speech. "This was by far the biggest and best surprise of the entire day," Macy says of the moment.

After a 12-piece band finished their set, the couple enlisted a DJ to close the night. However, their wedding night quickly turned into a full-blown concert when Mike took the stage with many of their close friends and artists Chelsea Cutler, Jeremy Zucker, Ayokay, and Gryffin. "They all sang until the lights went on and we were forced to leave," Macy recalls. "It really was the best way to end the night."

Following their Michigan nuptials, the couple jetted off on an Italian honeymoon, making stops in Florence, Tuscany, Rome, and Positano. And when all is said and done, Macy says she has her long engagement to thank for making the planning process so enjoyable. "We planned when we wanted to and didn’t when we were sick of it," she says. Because of this, she leaves couples with one piece of planning advice: take your time! "Try on 50 dresses and drink all the free champagne," she says. "Go cake tasting twice, just to make sure! Soak every moment in because you only get to do this once."

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