Real Couples On What Latinx Love Looks Like

A wedding is a celebratory occasion—a milestone moment toasting to love, life, family, and the future. And while most nuptials have those values in common, no gathering, vow, or marriage (for that matter!) will ever be identical.

That's the beauty of weddings: They are as unique as they are unifying.

The same could be said of the Latinx community. "We are a multicultural group. We come from different countries with different accents, different histories, and different traditions—and yet we all share a vibrant and rich culture, our appreciation for family, and our flavorful way of life," explains Alejandra Baca, a Mexican-American immigrant and the editor-in-chief of Belle the Magazine.

National Hispanic Heritage Month

In the United States, National Hispanic Heritage Month—September 15 through October 15—is a time dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of Americans with a heritage rooted in 33 Latin American countries.

In the United States, this month—known as National Hispanic Heritage Month—is dedicated to celebrating the Latinx community, as well as the individual accomplishments and contributions of all who identify as Latinx. Within the world of weddings, Baca says it's an opportunity to highlight Latinx couples, traditions, and what she calls "Latinx Love."

"Latinx Love is a celebration of traditions and roots that remain with us no matter where we call home," she explains." Filled with colors, sounds, food, passion, and vibrancy, Latinx Love is a way of life for a diverse and dynamic community. It is honoring who we are, our passion for life, and our deep love of family."

Meet the Expert

Alejandra Baca is the founder and editor-in-chief of Belle The Magazine. She is a Mexican immigrant, having moved to El Paso, Texas, 20 years ago to attain a degree at the University of Texas. 

In order to properly celebrate a group with roots in so many countries, and thus, different cultures, Baca believes it is critical to also acknowledge and educate about diversity within the Latinx community, particularly in a time of conversation regarding inclusion and diversity.

"It is important to bring awareness to the fact that Latinx come in all colors and shapes," she says. "From Afro-Latinos and indigenous people to those of us who have a more 'European' look, we are a melting pot of beautiful skin colors. So forget about stereotypes—Latinos, we are just diverse like that!"

Latinx Love is a way of life for a diverse and dynamic community. It is honoring who we are, our passion for life, and our deep love of family.

Knowing this, Baca is using her blog, which she describes as a platform that highlights couples of all backgrounds and ethnicities, to champion her goals, which are to elevate the Latino wedding community by teaching about traditions and contributions and advocate for representation in media and opportunities for professionals in the event industry.

"I see this time as an opportunity to celebrate people who look like me and the way we celebrate our love, as well as celebrating the immense talent of Latinx wedding pros," she explains. "It is also an opportunity to educate my friends and followers in the wedding world about our culture and traditions, and give couples the chance to finally see themselves reflected on all the resources they use to plan their weddings."

At Brides, we couldn't agree more, which is why we've made a pledge to do the same. It's our brand's mission to educate, honor, and show the real love of real people from all cultures and backgrounds—today, this month, and every day beyond.

With this in mind, and to support National Hispanic Heritage Month, we present 25 Latinx couples who have been married anywhere from eight days to 57 years, as well as several who have had to postpone because of coronavirus. Our hope is that these stories, along with the traditions and ideas they showcase, will encourage you to treat your wedding (and life!) as an occasion to celebrate whatever is meaningful to you and your partner—whether that means honoring where you've come from, toasting to your future, or embracing both.

Beyond the 33 Latin American countries, Baca notes that the Latinx community makes up the largest (and fastest-growing) minority group in the United States. For this reason, and all the beautiful reasons above, she says we will be seeing even more celebrations of Latinx Love. "Get ready because you are only going to see a lot more of us in the upcoming years," she says. "But don’t worry, it is gonna be a lot of fun! As you can see we know how to celebrate and throw a party…let the fiesta begin!"

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