Reddit's 2019 Year In Review Reveals A Relatable Wedding Planning Theory and More

If you're ever curious about the good, the bad and the downright ugly of all things wedding, look no further than Reddit. The online discussion board has given us the maid of honor who was forced to clean up 99 dead goldfish, the bride who kicked a guest out for wearing a dress that was 5% white and so much more. Although our most recent Reddit discovery is probably our favorite and we promise it will blow your mind.

The company just released its annual Year in Review report identifying the platform's top communities, topics and trends of the year. To our surprise and satisfaction, the third most upvoted post of the year is actually wedding related. Written in the thread "Shower Thoughts," a Redditor originally posted a seemingly simple realization: "Whoever created the tradition of not seeing the bride in the wedding dress beforehand saved countless husbands everywhere from hours of dress shopping and will forever be a hero to all men." As of October, the post received 218,000 upvotes, landing it a top spot on the report's list.

While wedding dress shopping is no easy task, it is definitely one of the most exciting! Grooms may consider themselves lucky for not having sit through appointment after appointment but we like to think they are missing out on the fun. Still, the realization can't help but make us laugh. You're welcome, grooms!

The report also claimed 2019 the year of "Weddit" Planning with several wedding communities growing year over year, especially the threads "Weddings Under 10K" and "Bridezillas." And while we aren't fans of the term bridezilla (wedding planning is stressful, OK!), we can't deny that the pressure of wanting a perfect day can get the best of anyone.

Looking for online wedding planning forums? Here are the most popular wedding-related threads of 2019. If you are looking to share exciting wedding news, wedding planning woes or just want to chat in a community of people you can relate to, these top threads might be a good place to start!

Unsurprisingly, beauty talk boomed on the platform over the past year. Brides-to-be should take full advantage of the top beauty communities below if you're still in need of a wedding day makeup look!

Curious to see what else Redditors have been talking about this year? You can check out the full report here. Hopefully 2020 will bring us even more relatable wedding realizations!

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