70 Best Rehearsal Dinner Songs

There's a natural flow to a wedding reception, but a rehearsal dinner pans out a little differently. Traditionally held on the night before the wedding, this customary event is a chance to rehearse the ceremony proceedings, greet guests, and kick off your wedding weekend. Unlike your reception, which will have a certain musical vibe for cocktail hour, dinner, early evening dancing, late-night celebrating, and the after-party, your rehearsal dinner music will most likely have a chiller, more consistent feel.

As is now the case for most wedding traditions, rehearsal dinner songs can be curated to your liking. Pick music that matches the overall vibe of the event, whether it's a formal, sit-down dinner at an upscale restaurant or a casual backyard cookout.

If you choose to have speeches or dancing at your rehearsal dinner, there may be a few musical ups and downs. Most couples, though, host what is essentially an extended dinner party with their nearest and dearest, so you'll naturally want to play the music you'd imagine hearing at the soirée of your dreams. Think some good jazz (Dave Brubeck, Sonny Clark), a few throwbacks (Nancy Sinatra), some classics (The Rolling Stones), and a couple of "Oh, interesting choice, didn't see that coming but it somehow works..." (Pavement, Beck).

Below, we created this list of 70 wonderful rehearsal dinner songs just for you.

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