14 Romantic Things to Do in Las Vegas

Romance is undeniably in the air in Las Vegas. Many couples get married in Las Vegas and many more come to Sin City to enjoy some one-on-one time with their significant other. With lots of fun and romantic things for couples to do in Las Vegas, it’s no wonder why.

Travel advisor Jenifour Jones says the fall and spring are ideal times to visit Las Vegas because of the moderate weather. However, if you want guaranteed pool time, it’s important to confirm that your hotel’s pool will be open when you’ll be visiting. Also, she cautions that the cost of a Las Vegas getaway can vary greatly depending on the season and what occupancy is like in the city. Jones shares, "A luxury hotel can price as low as $275 or go up to over $600 per night."

There’s one thing you should most definitely do for your getaway, according to Jones: plan well. She explains, "Things in Vegas tend to book up quickly, so I would make your reservations before getting there. It is typical to make spa reservations no later than two weeks in advance."

Also, don’t be afraid to indulge yourself when it comes to a romantic resort. "I think staying at the most beautiful and nice hotel your budget will afford is important. Nothing ruins romance like smelling cigarette smoke or finding gum stuck on your mattress," Jones cautions.

Whether you want to go on a weekend getaway in Las Vegas or plan a longer romantic rendezvous with your partner, make time for these fun and adventurous activities in Las Vegas for couples.

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