Our Favorite Signature Cocktail Ideas from Real Weddings

Is there any better way to welcome your friends and family to your wedding reception than by handing them a refreshing drink? Sure, you could get the party started by settling for the traditional wine and beer selection, but why not have a little fun with your bar setup? One great way to make a statement and set the tone of your wedding day is by creating a signature cocktail.

Serving up a signature drink is a foolproof way to personalize your reception. It can give guests a taste of who you are as a couple by highlighting aspects of your personality or showcasing your interests. You can even elevate your beverage by featuring a custom monogram, a nod to your beloved pet, or topping it off with your all-time favorite flower.

You can also dress up your drink of choice in a way that matches your reception décor, wedding theme, or wedding color palette. Try playing around with unique flavors, and if you can’t choose just one, combine your tastes with a “his” and “hers” cocktail.

Having a signature cocktail means you have the opportunity to express your creativity and present your playful side by choosing a clever name for it. You can use play-on words, hint at your wedding location or date, or incorporate your nickname into the title of your concoction.

Need some inspiration? Ahead are 20 great signature cocktails from real weddings on Brides. Whether it has an eye-catching presentation or an unexpected combination of flavors, these are a few fun ways to serve your signature sip.

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