38 Simple Wedding Cakes for Every Style Celebration

We’re all for a statement-making cake, but understated cakes can go a long way. Enter: the simple wedding cake. Lightly adorned and often wrapped in white buttercream, simple wedding cakes tend to trend more classic than anything. But you can still keep things minimal while spicing up tradition—adding a monstera leaf for a tropical twist, edging layers with pearl-like fondant, or infusing metallic foil as a glitzy touch.

And there are other ways of going bold without decking out your cake! Opt for multiple single-tiered cakes to create a lavish table spread. We also love the idea of filling a traditional-looking cake with a surprising flavor inside, like banana or raspberry jam.

Simple wedding cakes are perfect for an informal, intimate wedding—but also if you’re a couple who prefers a minimalist look or timeless touch. Besides the elegant simplicity of these cakes, there’s another bonus: the less fuss, the lower the cost (typically).

Below, 38 simple wedding cake ideas will do the trick.

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