8 Single-Serve Drinks to Sip on Your Wedding Day

A refreshing drink is a perfect way to welcome guests to the reception and to get the party started at a wedding. And while the full-service statement bar is certainly not a tradition that’s going anywhere, more and more couples are opting for creative single-serve drinks to make a statement.

Avoiding standing in line at the bar while the bartender mixes a custom drink is key, and single-serve sips are the ideal solution. “Single-serve drinks can offer a sense of comfort and a new and clever way to serve guests,” says Aleah and Nick Valley, founders of Valley & Company Events

Meet the Expert

  • Aleah and Nick Valley are the founders of Valley & Company Events, a wedding and event planning, design, and floral company in Seattle, Washington. 
  • Cynthia West is the owner of Creative Flow Co., a boutique event design company based in San Francisco, California. 

One of the major benefits of offering single-serve drinks is the multitude of ways these sippers can be customized. Sure, there’s plenty of creativity that goes into coming up with a signature cocktail, but serving it in a simple glass only goes so far. “Couples are looking for fun ways to mix things up, and not just in a cocktail shaker,” says Cynthia West, owner of Creative Flow Co. It’s a way to enhance the entire bar experience, dressing up drinks with a different presentation to perfectly match the rest of your big day’s aesthetic. But don’t worry, those signature cocktails with clever names can still be included in the mix. 

Looking for inspiration to incorporate single-serve drinks in your own wedding? Read on for some of our favorite ideas. 

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