The Most Stylish Sleepwear Line Has a New Bridal Collection

One of our favorite loungewear, and "not-so-sleepwear", brands just released a new collection of bridal dresses and we couldn't be more excited! Sleeper, the nightwear line you can literally wear out for dinner and drinks (check out this look here!) has new pieces dedicated to brides. We spoke to the designers, who credited their inspiration behind the new looks to the "unconditional, pure love, that can fill the child’s heart." “We wanted to make this naive childhood fantasy come true. To bring it to this very important day for any loving couple.” says co-designer, Asya Varetsa.

Designed Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa, Sleeper took the world by storm when the brand launched in 2014. Since then, the "multifunctional apparel" line has become a crowd favorite among celebrities like Katy Perry, Emma Roberts, Kristen Bell, and many more! Zubarieva told Brides, “We often hear from our clients that they feel confident in our garments and receive lots of compliments. And we think that the idea of versatility and simplicity that allows you to concentrate on the important things in life is very appealing.”

The new bridal pieces include the styles 'Paloma' and 'Opera'–which are offered in linen and silk. Each new dress provides airy and ethereal feels, perfect for a beach wedding or the ultimate boho bride. Of course, you can also wear one of their dresses as a nightgown on your wedding night, if you choose.

Finally, let's not forget a key feature of the launch–their silk ballet flats! The "Mille-feuille Silk Flats" adds an extra dimension of style to the already romantic collection.

Below is a peak into Sleeper's bridal inventory (including pieces from past collections), all available for purchase on their website.

The 'Paloma' dress.

The 'Opera' dress.

The "Mille-Feuille" silk ballet flats.

The 'Atlanta' dress.

The 'Michelin' dress.

The "Love Me Tender" dress.

The "Whitewing" linen cape.

The "Zephyr" ruffle gloves.

The "Camellia" slip dress with pearls.

The "90s Style" maxi slip dress.

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