These 6 Cities Make Perfect Elopement Destinations


With a nickname like the Eternal City, Rome is the ideal place to exchange your forever vows. It’s not just the name, however. It’s the ambiance, the breathtaking architecture, the modernity-meets-antiquity, and the undeniable romance of it all. This elopement destination is just right for couples who thrive in the electric buzz of a bustling city and who have a deep appreciation for art, history, and culture.

A bilingual wedding planner can help arrange a civil wedding at one of Rome's three City Halls (Villa Lais, Caracalla, and Campidoglio), or a religious wedding at one of the city's thousands of stunning historic churches. You’ll need to abide by Italian law in order to obtain an official license. Alternatively, opt for a symbolic wedding at a private villa or public park, and then return to the States for your real marriage license.

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