What Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Future Might Hold, According to an Astrologer

We already know their wedding will be a fairy tale, but what's in store for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's future once they're pronounced husband and wife? For a little bit of insight into the future, we asked expert astrologer Suzie Kerr Wright for her take using something called synastry, the art of relationship astrology.

When astrologers do synastry, they run something called a composite or combined chart. This then creates a chart based on the "midpoints" of each of the planets in their individual charts and gives an idea of what they bring to the world when they combine forces. In regards to Harry and Meghan, it appears to be a home run.

"This is a spectacular union," says Kerr Wright, noting that no marriage is perfect.

Possible Conflicts Ahead

With Harry's natal moon in opposition to Meghan's natal Uranus, there is an indication that Harry would have to expect the unexpected in this relationship, as Meghan is a bit of an unconventional thinker.

Additionally, it appears this union will need to have lots of excitement, which is not something Harry can sustain for long periods of time. However, his Taurus moon may make him a bit jealous or resentful of her separate endeavors, while she may feel a bit restricted by his watchful eye.

Meghan may, at times, feel as though his other interests are causing distance in the marriage, but they are both naturally very driven.


According to these predictions, children will absolutely be in the picture for the royal couple. In fact, they might come along within the first year, since lucky and expansive Jupiter will be transiting Meghan's 5th house until the fall. While there appears to be potential for disappointment or confusion around a child, possibly around the end of 2019, Meghan will be a dynamic, playful, and great mom who will keep her children well protected—though maybe a little too much sometimes.

Meghan will understand her children intuitively and help guide them into studies and a life direction that will also be tremendously beneficial for the world.

Becoming parents may bring an issue to light for Meghan, though, as Harry's traveling and philanthropic adventures may leave her feeling a bit left out or as if he isn't spending enough time with the children.


As long as the couple keeps the lines of communication open and clear, there appears to be no problem they can't solve together. They both have so much talent and creativity to bring to this relationship individually, and as long as they remain open, their growth will be immense.

Harry might feel as though he is truly understood by Meghan and therefore feel as though he is safe to express himself. These are two people who can create some incredible magic in this world as a couple.

Harry's sun trine and Meghan's Chiron will give them a grand opportunity to learn what it is like to love each other unconditionally. This will come through in Meghan's ability to heal her soul and become a great teacher or healer for many in this world. She works on a more intuitive level than Harry, though, and that may be a bit confusing to him. Harry has a high degree of intuition too but would tend to override it and attempt to run things with sheer willpower.

One thing they both need to be aware of is that sometimes things just don't go the way we would like them to, even for people in positions of great power and influence. Going with the flow may be a challenge for them at times and might lead them to blame each other for not getting their way, or to try to push an agenda too hard.

Harry's Jupiter in opposition to Meghan's Mars means when it comes to working on projects together, she is quite the force when they go head to head. He may find himself thinking he can charm her into seeing his side or possibly just override her because of his status, but she will wear him out when she is on a mission. This will all be done discreetly and in private, of course.

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The Monarchy

Meghan is very aware of her position within the monarchy, but she might be capable of outbursts that may be the talk of the palace. Together, they need to keep the bigger picture in mind at all times.

Harry's sun in his 8th house indicates that a death in his life may be what drives him to become the person he is, and obviously Princess Diana's tragic death had a profound influence on him. But if he continues to work as his mother did for the good of all, he will experience tremendous fulfillment in life by carrying on her legacy. And Meghan is the perfect companion for that. Kerr Wright says, "Destiny clearly brought these two together," adding, "I can't stress at how beautiful a union this really is. Any issue I'm seeing are completely workable. These two are amazing."

As if we weren't already counting down to the big day...

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