The 10 Best Wedding Makeup Products in 2022

Temptu Air Perfect Canvas Starter Kit

If you’re going for totally flawless skin, completely uniform coverage, and want to feel ultra-confident that your foundation won’t come off, airbrush foundation may be the way to go. With this pick, you get the application tool (small, portable, and cordless, to keep things easy) plus the foundation shade of your choice. Choose from 24 different hues, all infused with good-for-your-skin, anti-aging botanical ingredients.

Granted, it can take a minute to master airbrushing your own complexion, so make sure you take this for a test run before the wedding. And while it is a bit of an investment, it can be a good option to use not only on the big day, but also for all of the events leading up to it, think engagement photos, bridal shower, and bachelorette party. 

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