Bridal Designer Leanne Marshall’s Intimate Wyoming Elopement

When bridal designer Leanne Marshall began planning her elopement with Rémy Falgayrac on June 8, 2018, she faced a dilemma that’s all too common for brides to be: She had no idea what to wear! “Deciding on a wedding dress added a new level of stress to my usual indecision around my attire,” she reveals. “I had no constraints whatsoever on what I could make for myself, and ended up trying on every single sample in our studio and making dozens of patterns.” She says she was overwhelmed by the pressure of creating the most incredible dress she’d ever made, but, in the end, she looked for the feeling she’d found when she met Rémy. “You don’t date every single guy within a 500 mile radius before choosing the one, and finding your wedding gown shouldn’t follow that pattern, either," she says. "Instead, a dress—just like a partner—will let you know when it’s the one. You won’t be able to get it out of your head!”

While she grappled with what to wear, Leanne and Rémy focused on the easy decisions: hiring a photographer and picking a location. They knew they wanted India Earl behind the camera (and wanted just their best friends and their officiant in attendance), so they asked India when she was free during the summer of 2018 and where she’d be. “She gave us a choice of two places where she could squeeze us in, so we chose Dubois, Wyoming, in June,” Leanne explains. In fact, the couple limited the number of decisions in general and instead focused on what was important to them. “We’d rented a nice cabin, so we all went back and barbecued, making dinner together, and enjoying some of our favorite wines,” says the bride.

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Leanne and Rémy kept their planning under the radar, and didn’t tell friends or family about their elopement to avoid the pressure of throwing a big wedding to please everyone. “We kept it minimal to be true to us,” says the bride. That included her accessories. Leanne made her veil just minutes before leaving for the airport, and found her perfect “YES” earrings at a shop in Jackson Hole.

The bride’s dramatic gown was full of details that Leanne kept coming back to as she sorted through what to wear. The bodice featured a wavy neckline and illusion "sleeve-lets," while the silk organza skirt featured a print of a watercolor and pencil drawing that Leanne had created, superimposed with the words “Je t’aime” for her French groom. Shades of peach, carnelian, and periwinkle added depth to the floaty layers.

Leanne’s best friend wore a custom gown made by the bride. “She was both my witness and my hair and makeup artist,” Leanne says. “She sent me her measurements, and I surprised her with the dress in return!”

Leanne’s veil was “a mile long,” perfect for the Wyoming breeze. “It didn’t want to stay on my head!” she laughs.

The groom wore a navy blue suit and a shirt in a peach floral Liberty print. “I helped him find the perfect color to complement my dress,” the bride describes.

The ceremony took place in the middle of a field, where Rémy and Leanne each made carb-focused promises to each another. “I vowed to bring him a fresh baguette every day, and he told me that the cookies I make were enough for him to want to be married to me," she says with a laugh. "Carbs are the glue that binds us together for life, I guess!”

While most of the day was DIY, Leanne did leave her bouquet to the professionals. Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral combined garden roses, soft lisianthus, fox glove, and greenery with flowing silk ribbons.

For their newlywed photos, Leanne and Rémy headed out to the Badlands, an area filled with rolling hills, rocky terrain, and spectacular color. “It was absolutely incredible, and happened to be right by the town dump,” Leanne laughs. “There were no trash smells, but we did have the most surreal views!”

The bride's white combat boots ended up being the perfect shoes to wear around the rocky terrain.

For the reception, Leanne changed into a long-sleeved gown in deep periwinkle and navy. “I was still adding beads to the dress—which was from a past New York Fashion Week Collection—up until the moment I had to get ready for the ceremony,” she remembers. Flowing appliqués and architectural triangles of fabric caught the wind and perfectly complemented the natural setting.

For dinner, the couple and their friends cooked locally sourced steaks and sipped natural wines shipped in for the occasion. “We didn’t plan on having a cake, but at the last minute decided that even an elopement deserves one,” says Leanne. “The bakery at the local supermarket wouldn’t write anything other than ‘Happy Birthday,’ so our chocolate wedding cake read ‘Happy Birthday Rémy Leanne’!”

Looking back on her own big day, Leanne Marshall has a piece of advice for all brides to take to heart: “Try to remember that it is your day as a couple, and that it’s not about trying to impress your friends and family,” she says. “You won’t ever be able to make everyone happy, so keep it true to what you believe in, what you love, and who you are as a couple.”

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