Christian Siriano and Brad Walsh Are Married! Get an Exclusive Look at Their Chic Wedding in Connecticut

Congratulations are in order for fashion designer Christian Siriano (who recently launched his first bridal collection with Kleinfeld) and his new husband, musician Brad Walsh! The pair tied the knot at their charming summer home in Danbury, Connecticut, and gave Brides an exclusive look at their day—dishing on everything from their attire and the décor to the A-list guest list (and wedding party!) and how it feels to finally be married.

"It went off without a hitch," the newlyweds said of their big night. "We both managed to eat a lot of food, thankfully, as the advice from all of our married friends was to make it a point to eat otherwise you never will."

Ready to see how their summer nuptials came together? Then read on to see their entire day, as captured by Victor Castro and shared exclusively with Brides.

When it came time to pick their wedding venue, Christian and Brad looked no further than their own backyard. "We wanted to have the wedding at our vacation house in Connecticut because it's got plenty of serene outdoor space and it's our favorite sanctuary away from the noise of the city," the couple says. "Many of our friends and family members have been to the house as guests so it's a comfortable place for everyone to have a good time."

The style-savvy grooms turned to designer David Hart for their wedding attire. "David does menswear so well and he is a friend, so we set up an appointment for custom suits!" Christian and Brad share. Their all-black ceremony attire was a purposeful decision, as they asked their wedding party and entire guest list to come dressed in white.

As for their wedding party, Christian designed each of the couple's 12 attendant's custom white gowns. On Brad's side stood his cousin Nicole Palladino, performance artist Anna Hafner, singer Alicia Solombrino, blogger Nicolette Mason, and friends Lisa Graham and Geneva Simms. Christian was joined at the head of the aisle by sister Shannon Greenwood, models Anna Schilling and Jasmine Poulton, friends Elizabeth Ferguson and Sarah Roffee, and actress Danielle Brooks.

"Since there was no bride, we wanted our best friends to wear white gowns, all from Christian Siriano, of course, as they stood by our sides during the ceremony," the grooms say. "Then it became a fun idea for the whole event to be a white wedding."

White flowers were everywhere at the couple's ceremony, which was officiated by actress Kristen Johnston. "She's a close friend and a beautiful writer, and she knows us both so well, so it made sense for her to officiate," the couple shares. "She got ordained just for us!" The ceremony was capped off by an awe-inspiring performance by Danielle Brooks. "We were both bowled over by Danielle Brooks's performance—the entire wedding party was in tears before the ceremony even started," the couple added.

The duo even wrote their own vows but kept the ceremony short and sweet, opting to exchange longer letters in private. In addition to their star-studded wedding party, Christian and Brad celebrated their day with A-listers like Alicia Silverstone, Kelly Osbourne, Christina Hendricks, and Anna Chlumsky.

"Our biggest unexpected challenge was planning for rain," the couple says. "We had four large tents on standby in case the weather wasn't in our favor." Another tricky pre-wedding task? Covering the property's pool to make room for a dance floor! "It was a challenge, but totally worth it." The couple's favorite moment of the night? "Both of our mothers hit the dance floor for over 3 hours and never left," the happy newlyweds shared.

Guests gathered at tables decorated with blue toile printed linens and mix-and-match vintage place settings. White floral centerpieces were twinkling with candlelight, designed by Diane Gaudett. Christian and Brad made sure their wedding menu had something for everyone. "Our guests had a lot of dietary restrictions," the grooms explained. "We worked with our longtime caterer, Bonnie Altholz from Certe, and decided to serve one of everything." That meant steak, chicken, fish, shellfish, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options were all available for guests to sample.

Dessert followed the same suit, with a delicious wedding cake baked by Bonnie and an array of sweets to appease even the pickiest of palettes. No wedding is complete without a champagne toast, and Christian and Brad made sure there was plenty of Veuve Clicquot on hand for their friends and family to enjoy.

"We plan several large events every year, including fashion shows and parties, which involve invitations, seating charts, catering, custom clothing, and more, so planning a wedding was probably a little easier for us than most people," the couple says. "But that doesn't mean it's easy!"

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