10 Elopement Stories That Go Beyond the Courthouse

Jessica and Laurence

Where They Eloped: Aboard the RMS Queen Mary 2 ocean liner in the North Atlantic Ocean

They say love knows no bounds, that it endures through the good and the bad, the ugly and the lovely—or, in the case of travel blogger Jessica Norah and her now-husband travel photographer Laurence Norah, across the miles. When they were planning their wedding, Jessica, who's American, was living in California, and Laurence, who's English, was residing in France. This made deciding on a wedding location that much more difficult: “We lived in separate countries and our friends and family were split across three continents—North America, Africa, and Europe. Any destination we chose was going to be a compromise in terms of who would be able to attend,” Jessica says.

So, they asked themselves, why not tie the knot while crossing the Atlantic Ocean? “I had always wanted to do a transatlantic cruise, and since we were already moving to the U.K., it was a convenient yet elegant wedding venue,” Jessica explains. As a nod to their promise to put one another first, they made it official halfway between their two countries on an eight-day cruise. “We were married by the ship captain, Captain Kevin Oprey, and members of the crew served as our witnesses. We had a short but touching service, and it was a wonderful experience for us,” Jessica recalled. “We even got to ring the ship's noontime whistle after the ceremony and were also invited to dine with the Captain during one evening of the cruise and got lots of ‘congratulations’ from the other passengers.”

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