Grace Loves Lace, the Brand Behind the Most Pinned Wedding Dress, Reveals New Gown

While a bride should always lean toward a wedding frock that makes her feel the most like a million bucks, many also weigh their partner's potential preferences in their final dress decision. Grace Loves Lace, the bridal brand known as the designers behind the world's most pinned wedding dress, took heed, launching a new gown on Valentine's Day that's inspired by spousal feedback.

Over the last year, the label asked significant others worldwide what they looked for most in their partner's wedding dress. "Such a big part of choosing a dress is taking into consideration what you think your partner wants to see you walk down the aisle in," explained Grace Loves Lace founder and creative director Megan Ziems.

After rounding up the most popular design features, the resounding responses leaned toward minimalism and flattering shapes. "The most common request from partners was that the dress had to be simple, closely followed by a silhouette that hugs her curves, especially the bust and butt," Ziems added. Comfort, something nontraditional, and mother-in-law-approved also came out on top.

Thus, the aptly deemed "HART" gown, the brainchild of the Australia-based designer's findings, officially launched on February 14. The feminine, ready-to-wear number boasts floral lace, a fitted mermaid silhouette, and spaghetti straps. "She’s the type of dress that will make your heart skip a beat," said Ziems of the frock. "She’s effortless, sexy, classic, timeless—to put simply, HART is the opposite of over the top."

Fittingly, the feedback-inspired gown also perfectly aligns with the label's overall comfortable, fluid, and modern vision. "Combining all of these elements simply affirmed we’re on the right track paving the way for brides of today," said Ziems. "We design for the woman, not the bride. As such, we refuse to hold women back with restrictive, rigid elements like boning and heavy fabrics."

Handmade to order in the Grace Loves Lace studio and available on the label's website, this romantic number could be yours starting at $1,230. Because there's truly no better V-Day gift to yourself than locking down your wedding gown.

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