Harley Viera-Newton's Ultra Personalized Party

There's more to being a DJ than working a deck. The best of them know how to read a crowd, create a mood, and bring the room together in heart-thumping harmony. And on October 21, 2017, two of New York's most in-demand turn-tableists—Harley Viera-Newton and Ross Schwartzman (a.k.a. DJ Ross One)—did just that, exchanging vows before 50 guests at Palma, a restaurant in the West Village. "We knew we wanted an intimate wedding," says Harley, who also designs a line of dresses called HVN. "When everybody knows each other well, people can relax and really let loose."

Keep reading to see more of the couple's creative celebration, as photographed by Lucy Cuneo and planned by Merriman Events.

The day before the wedding, Harley and Ross went down to city hall to sign their paperwork—and they dressed for the occasion! Harley wore a three-piece Chanel suit that she found at a vintage store in Miami. "I asked, 'Do you happen to have anything bridal?,' and they pointed to a mannequin next to me and there she was," Harley remembers. She completed the chic ensemble with a pair of Chanel sling-backs, a bright white round Chanel purse, and a pair of Dolce & Gabbana crystal bow earrings that her groom gave her as a wedding-week gift.

The groom drew a creative crest, which featured the couple's beloved cats, Mo and Tarzan.

In keeping with their personalized theme and their love of music, Harley and Ross had custom band tees made—in white for the ladies and black for the men.

The couple's beloved cats, of course, took part in the big day itself, wearing mini flower crowns (made by the groom's sister) for the occasion.

Harley spent the morning at the Bowery Hotel with her bridesmaids, ordering room service and arranging her outfits (and shoes!) for the day's events.

The bride wore three gowns on Saturday—all from the Valentino archives! "I'm a die-hard fan," she says. "I feel my best in their designs; they're so elegant and fit so beautifully."

First up: a ceremony dress featuring a high collar, long sleeves, and macrame lace. "I've loved this dress forever," she says.

She paired the stunning gown with a Monvieve French lace veil—and if you look closely enough, you'll see that there are little particles of glitter sewn into the lace to reflect light! "The whole ceremony outfit feels so classic to me, and I know it's something I will love for the rest of my life," she says.

Harley's bridesmaids dressed in coordinating HVN dresses in the line's signature heart fabric.

The ceremony took place in the backyard patio of Palma, one of the couple's favorite Italian restaurants in the West Village. "We wanted the ceremony to be very intimate, and Palma has the perfect balance of being special and chic without being uptight," explains the bride.

The bride's sister, Rio, officiated the morning ceremony and had everyone crying and laughing as she recounted the couple's courtship, which began as a friendship in 2010. "You could almost call it a roast," Harley says. "It really was funny."

The bride's little cousin, Lilix, looked adorable in a tulle skirt, butterfly wings, and cat accessories.

After the vows, guests had lunch on the restaurant's patio, which was covered in a riot of roses, dahlias, and chamomile by Fox Fodder Farm. "It was so unseasonably warm, we opened the glass rooftop," Harley says. "It felt like a garden in spring." Tables were set with floral menus and Brazilian wish bracelets as a nod's to the bride's mother, who is Brazilian.

The couple decorated the rest of the space with bright flowers, flower-pressed cookies—and a blizzard of confetti for their exit.

Because the ceremony space was so tight, Harley and her bridesmaids actually took to the street for the bouquet toss. "It was so special that it took place on Cornelia Street—it’s such a charming street and one I’ve walked for over 10 years living in N.Y.C," she recalls. "I’ll forever remember all my best friends (in matching HVN dresses) jumping up together, laughing in the road."

The bride changed into a second Valentino dress for the evening's events. "I can't explain the way I felt when I tried this dress on for the first time," she recalls. "We didn't have to tailor it—it felt like it was made for me!"

When evening rolled around, the air had turned chilly, which felt right for the cozy candlelight at the restaurant, One if by Land, Two if by Sea. There, Harley and Ross, now in a Valentino tux, hosted a beautifully romantic dinner for 100, which was no surprise as their venue is often called the most romantic in the city.

Elegant, candle-lit tables were peppered with playful details like party-ready headbands, sparklers, and napkins embroidered with everyone's nickname.

At dinner, guests chose between truffle mushroom risotto, halibut with sweetcorn, and beef Wellington (a British classic as the bride's father is English).

Harley and Ross filled the rest of the night with even more thoughtful details like cake toppers modeled after their cats, Mo and Tarzan, and a heart-covered cake from Magnolia Bakery that mimicked the HVN fabric of the bridesmaid's dresses. "We're crazy cat people," says the bride, laughing.

Guests like Alexa Chung, Domino Kirke, and Penn Badgley proudly wore the couple's festive headbands. Each was personalized with "Ross & Dobbs"—Harley's nickname that comes from Harry Potter's Dobby the house elf. "I'm always working," she explains.

Following the romantic dinner, trollies shuttled everyone to the after-party, where Harley danced the night away in her third Valentino dress.

And then, of course, the two DJs had an epic dance party. More friends joined for the night's last set, at Omar's, where pals took turns spinning until 2 a.m.

"When DJ Crooked played 'Unforgettable' by French Montana, that was it," Harley recalls. "We didn't plan on having an official first dance, but everyone knew it was our song and formed a circle around us. It was amazing."

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