Fashion Editor Laura Brown's Engagement Ring Is Hands-Down One of the Best in the Game

If you're not one of InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown's 251,000 Instagram followers, your feed is sorely lacking in both stellar style and witty captioning. Featuring numerous appearances from comedian/writer–significant other Brandon Borror-Chappell, the fashion guru's Instagram showcases her glamorous career-related jaunts, A-lister run-ins, and editorial sneak peeks with humor and humility via social media. Now, the latest (and arguably greatest) addition to the Australia native's personal page? A New Year's engagement announcement courtesy of one of THE most impeccable ring selfies we've ever laid eyes on (and that's truly saying something).

As evidenced by Brown's most recent Instagram activity, she and Borror-Chappell kicked off 2019 with a surprise engagement while vacationing in Australia. Before the big ring reveal, though, the fashion editor teased some exciting news after sharing a solo shot from the Kangaroo Sanctuary, while sporting local label DÔEN. "Happiest day, happiest place, happy New Year" she captioned the post, while very clearly in her element.

Now, prepare for your ring envy to reach an all-time high (proceed scrolling with caution). The following day, the to-be newlyweds confirmed their new relationship status with a photo together, and we cannot keep our eyes off Brown's new bauble—a modern (and massive) geometric jewel with slightly Art Deco vibes. "What can I say: someone really digs kangaroos," Brown captioned the snapshot. "I love you forever, @brandogeoffrey ❤️."

Here's a close-up of the undeniably covetable ring. Admire it in all its glory for a moment.

Borror-Chappell turned to Brown's close friend, Australian jewelry designer Stefano Canturi, to help create the magnificent gem. Dubbed the Stella—from his namesake collection, Canturi—the engagement ring features a round center stone bordered by assorted rectangular diamonds. "He is a genius. Am beside myself," Brown wrote of Canturi's vision for her new accessory. We concur.

In a 2016 feature for Harper's Bazaar (Brown's former stomping grounds prior to InStyle), Borror-Chappell spilled the deets on the pair's relationship with the aptly titled piece, "How to Date a Fashion Editor—and Survive." He actually took his shot in 2015 as Brown's server at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. "I waited on Laura, served her huevos rancheros with an extra side of flirtation, and wrote, 'Phone number: ________' at the bottom of her check," he explained—and the bold tactic clearly proved effective.

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Congratulations to Laura Brown and Brandon Borror-Chappell! We have a feeling the duo's professions and equally bright personalities will make for some memorable nuptial fashion moments and amusing wedding vows.

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